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    Russell Heritage Golf

    I notice that this guy was mentioned a few months back. Well, today I stumbled across him by chance on YouTube as one of his videos popped up. To say I'm impressed is an understatement, the video by chance explains SIMPLY how to have side bend/tilt - something I'm working on and have struggled...
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    Left side bend/tilt

    Continuing from another thread, has this EVER been discussed/explained when having lessons ? I've had lots of lessons from different so called Pros and NOT one has EVER mentioned this 🙄 The nearest was one Pro who was probably the best, said feel like the left shoulder is pointing down at the...
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    Callaway Apex CF19/CF16 Iron Players

    Thoughts please on those that play these irons, and in particular what irons did you play before the switch. Also interested about experiences on moving to these sets from sets with more offset and thicker top lines. Has the shorter clubhead, thinner top line caused confidence issues. Thanks
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    Callaway Mavrik Irons - there really is something mavrik

    So, Callaway have just launched their new Mavrik Irons in 3 models. Standard, Max and Pro. However the lofts are STRONGER on the Standard compared to the Max. The Standard 7 iron loft comes in at 27 degrees, but in the Max its 30 degrees ! Pitching Wedge Standard is 41 degrees compared to Max at...
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    Capital Golf.Com

    Has anyone bought from the above online, and what was your experience? I must confess I've never heard of them before. They're the cheapest for a pair of Puma Jackpot Trousers
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    Iron Testing

    So, I've worked through 4 new irons on my bucket list, and surprisingly so far I've been disappointed. 1. Firstly was Mizuno JPX 919 Hot Metal. I had high hopes for this, but was disappointed with the feel and the distance was no better. In addition it felt heavy with stock shaft at 105g. 2...
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    Could Pelvis be the problem.....

    At the range today, I noticed an issue. From address, as my hands pass the outer part of my right thigh I feel resistance and seem to stand up slightly thus reducing my spinal tilt. I'm a One Planer so lean forward from the hips with a more bent over spine. The bent over spine angle is between...
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    Carry Bag that doesn't rub

    Is there such a thing as a Carry Bag that doesn't rub. The one I have rubs the right side of my back. Not an issue apart from ruining my clothing. Woollen jumpers pile and other clothing seems to get plucked. Any thoughts.....
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    American Golf - No need to pay top dollar

    I've always had good service at American Golf. However I've noticed that their advertised price on clothing seems to be more expensive than other online outlets. Just as well they PRICE MATCH with ANY online retailer. So before you buy, do a quick search and you will save yourself money. I saved...
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    Need a new electric trolley, anyone?

    My mate has just bought a new Powerkaddy trolley with lithium battery. They have an offer where you get a free cart bag worth over £200. Some might be interested
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    Any decorators out there or has experience

    I painted our living room with 2 coats of Dulux trade paint. Applied with a roller but finish is patchy. Daylight comes in through both front and rear windows and highlights this depending where I am standing. So I put another coat on today with a roller and rolled from bottom to top and back...
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    My Golf Swing - Feedback wanted

    OK, so I've decided to post my swing for some feedback. I've got some thick skin which I might need 😄 The camera angle is down the line and side on. I think by touching the screen it can also be viewed frame by frame. Look forward to comments.
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    Tennis Elbow

    Think I've got tennis elbow. Been on NHS website and just started doing the exercises. How long did it take you to recover ?
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    P symbol on TV

    Watching golf and as it goes to adverts, a "P" symbol appears on the program. This also happens when the soaps are split on the same night, but with a 30 minute break in between. Does anyone know what symbol is for and what does it mean ?
  15. J

    The Golf Factory - Newcastle

    After a recommendation and hearing about this place at my course, I had a trip up yesterday with a view to changing my putter. The Golf Factory is based in Brunswick Industrial Estate, on what was the site for the old Dynamic Indoor Golf. Although they have no connection whatsoever. Fantastic...
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    One Piece Takeaway

    Who else works on this and what are your thoughts /experiences. Had it had a big influence on your game
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    You Tube Eric Cogorno Golf

    I've just stumbled on this guy whilst searching for help. My main issue is the takeaway, it's so important as it's a chain reaction for the rest of the swing. I like a one piece takeaway and this guy nails it with some excellent drills. From what I've seen I think he's better than Chris Ryan...
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    Harry's Full English

    Still watching the first episode, enjoyable watching. Certainly some big characters on here. Razor Ruddock real joker and jack the lad, Paul Merson and his addiction issues - wow hope you keep fighting those demons. John Barnes looks full of life and Robbie Fowler seems a decent bloke. More to...
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    Too considerate

    This may seem strange, but I'm far too considerate on the golf course to the detriment of my own game. Nothing to do with slow play, but at times I am over concerned about people behind. Yesterday played in a fourball with no one in front, we were caught by a threeball on the tenth green with...
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    Hunter Mahan

    Great to see Hunter appear on a leaderboard again after the cut. Although he finished T33 at -6, where there were also a few other big names, he seems to be at least moving in the right direction. For me he has the best looking swing on tour.