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  1. Rlburnside

    How to delete scam txt

    I’ve had 2 WhatsApp txt which has Chinese writing and the word ‘ left’ so went to edit and delete function was greyed out. 😡 Scammers have obviously been able to grey out delete function as when I tried other WhatsApp to delete it worked ok. Anyone know how I can delete this from my phone?
  2. Rlburnside

    Clear out

    Just finished clearing out my old clubs got 3 sets irons, 7 assorted woods, 4 putters all going to charity shop. Found a old set of Muzunos that I’ve no recollection of owning 😂 Kept one other set of irons I was going to keep but I will probably never use again so they might go as well.
  3. Rlburnside

    At Last

    Looking back over my competition history I see that I’ve had 29 rounds and not parred our first hole, 389 yards with a penalty ditch running all the way across the fairway 60 yards from the green, and long rough either side of fairway The way I’ve been playing it is to lay up short of the ditch...
  4. Rlburnside

    Practice before competition

    We are playing some competitions over 2 days where players can choose which day to play. Can a player go out and practice on day 1 and then play the competition on day 2 ?
  5. Rlburnside

    Tips for removing spikes in shoes

    Iv been trying to remove and renew spikes in my golf shoes I've got the 2 pronged tool but the old ones are stuck, anyone got any tips for removing them?
  6. Rlburnside

    Play it loud

    I’ve posted this before but it was awhile ago so new forumers might like a go. One of the members of Deep Purple once said “play everything louder than everything else”. 😂 Some songs just have to be played loud, so what’s yours. This time I’m going for Song 2 by Blur , listening to this I...
  7. Rlburnside

    2 day competition

    When playing a competition over 2 days does your handicap remain the same on day 2.
  8. Rlburnside

    Signature hole

    Our signature hole, par 4,375yards as you can see if you have a decent drive anything left will be in the sea ,a well placed bunker right of the green needs to be avoided.
  9. Rlburnside


    Couple questions regarding whs, do assesers come and walk a course and assess slope/ index? Or is it done another way? I know this was to come into effect in November but will this be delayed until next year due to current circumstances?
  10. Rlburnside

    Car Tax Scam

    When hid taxed the car online on the goverments site there was a button that couldn't be un clicked from vehicleinformation, carried on and taxed the car Last month when we got our credit card statement we didn't notice 50p was taken ,this month £5.95 was taken, don't know how it is done but...
  11. Rlburnside

    What’s this?

  12. Rlburnside

    Water in bunkers

    First out today in comp hit shot 120 yards to green but saw big splash in bunker. Nowhere to drop in bunker and wasn’t sure of ruling, dropped ball behind bunker and chipped on but asked someone 4 holes later and he said it was a one shot penalty. Am I right in saying committee can deem...
  13. Rlburnside

    Penalty or not?

    Had a incedent yesterday I wasn't sure of the ruling. I had a put just off the green other player had a put on the green but just a bit longer, we both putted at the same time and the balls were tracking to the hole and only just missed each other, so ok but what would have been the ruling if...
  14. Rlburnside


    Could someone explain how countback is calculated? I won a strokeplay competition Saturday on countback with a gross score of 43 on the back 9, h/c of 18, the guy who was second had a gross score of 40 on the back 9,h/c of 11. Also we both started on the 9th hole so we played the 'back 9...
  15. Rlburnside

    Handicap Question

    I had a net 69 the other day and was hoping for a small cut but unfortunately for me the css for the day was down to 69. One one par 3 which I get one shot on I had a 6 I thought this would have been rounded down to a 5 for handicap purposes and subsequently would have had a net 68 and would...
  16. Rlburnside

    CDH numbers

    I am trying to acces CDH numbers for two brothers who are having difficulty accessing them at their club. I think I read on hear that you can access them by contacting but I tried that and it came up invalid address. Does anyone know how I can access them?
  17. Rlburnside

    Edzell and Brechin

    Played Edzell Wednesday with my son and was as good as I remembered it from last year but greens a tad on the slow side, very friendly and helpful members we were offered twice to play through by a fourball, noticed they had sprinkler system on the fairways and it’s explaines why their...
  18. Rlburnside

    Edzell or Downfield

    Going to play one of these two courses next week, any views what’s the better course of the two or are they much the same? I’ve played Edzell once and was impressed with the course Also Caird Park in Dundee is also a option as it's the closest to where I'm going but think this course is...
  19. Rlburnside

    Sketchers golf shoes

    Was looking at Sketchers golf shoes yesterday priced at £99, and wondered if anyone can give me a idea if they are any use.
  20. Rlburnside

    Knee hight drop

    Was surprised to see Brandon Grace bend down ( as in a sitting position)and drop from knee hight as I thought you had to drop from knee hight with your legs straight. Another thing I've learnt.