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  1. williamalex1

    Energy suppliers

    We're thinking of changing from BULB, SO Energy, and Pure Planet are looking like the front runners so far. Any other recommendations / suggestions [ Scotland ]
  2. williamalex1

    The Renaissance club.

    Cost November to March is roughly £400 for a 4 ball includes 1 mandatory caddy, not sure if a tip is required as well. Any advice, is it worth it or advisable for 4 mid to high handicappers 13 to 19 to play ? TIA.
  3. williamalex1

    Parking meter charges

    A pound for 15 minutes on street parking in Glasgow City centre :mad:, maximum stay 2 hours. Thankfully we don't go into the city centre for lunch often. Do you think this is reasonable, what's the parking charges in your area ?
  4. williamalex1

    Smelly slippers

    Phew Yuk !!!, my year old very comfy [ expensive ] sheepskin slippers recently started to really honk . So on Tuesday HIDs threw them in the washing machine, now dried out, they smell even worse . Thinking of trying baking soda , any other suggestions welcome, before she bins them :cry:
  5. williamalex1

    Replacement CCTV recorder

    Any CCTV experts, my 5 year old Qvis oyn-x mach 2 cctv recorder stopped working and according to the manufacturer isn't worth repairing :mad:. Any advice on a straight swap replacement, I was looking at 1 on amazon , an Encam NVR network recorder 5 MP 9 channel with 4 x PoE ports at £54.99...
  6. williamalex1

    Cardross GC

    Thoughts please , 3 of us thinking of playing there July 30th on the way back from Machrihanish,
  7. williamalex1


    3 of us pensioners are booked to play the Champions course on July 29th tee time 16.04 twilight cost £45. If anyone would like to make up the 4 ball , give me a call (y) Update, Cassuk [ young Chris ] is joining us (y)
  8. williamalex1

    BRS booking confirmation ?

    Why isn't my HP B110a photo smart printer scanner printing them, straight from email or from a saved file :confused::cry:
  9. williamalex1

    RIP Jim Gallacher.

    Stephen Gallacher's father Jim passed away earlier this evening, RIP old pal xx.
  10. williamalex1

    Supermarket Steaks [ meat ] ?

    Before lockdown every 2 weeks I'd buy a couple of large Rib Eye steaks, freshly cut to size from my local Morrison's butchers dept and always found them 1st class. I BBQ one within a couple of days of buying, only eat half for dinner and save other half for steak sandwich lunch maybe the next...
  11. williamalex1

    Scam or not

    I just received an email supposedly from a Susan McKenzie @ Hotmail, saying my hotmail email account needs renewing or it will expire 15th of next month :unsure::confused:. Anyone heard of this ??
  12. williamalex1

    Photoshop ?

    Hi guys, can you recommend a free version that's easy to use. I would like to remove a person from a few pictures then add a different person in their place . Doesn't have to be perfect its for my Niece's birthday , I want to remove myself and add Justin Bieber, for some strange reason she...
  13. williamalex1

    Little Richard RIP

    Who's gonna tell aunt Mary, uncle John and Long Tall Sally , little Richards gone :cry:
  14. williamalex1

    GM emails, now junk ?

    Recently all GM email notifications are going straight into my junk folder along with the real junk, I don't think I've altered any settings. Any thoughts ?
  15. williamalex1

    Golf simulator costs / charges

    We've just started to install one, don't know the details but seemingly its top of the range stuff. Anyone's club have one and are they popular What's the going rate, for say a 4 ball playing a top course, or an individual practice session or lesson ???
  16. williamalex1

    Restaurant menus

    Trying to find an actual restaurant menu, that doesn't come from Trip advisor, Restaurant Guru or some other ad sites, ffs just publish or post your own menus.
  17. williamalex1

    Junk emails

    So annoying, they're already marked as junk :confused::mad:
  18. williamalex1

    new member 1st handicap.

    Can a new member put cards in for 1st handicap when winter mats are in use { Scotland }?
  19. williamalex1

    holiday insurance warning

    A friend took ill while on a golfing holiday in Turkey with abdominal pains and had to be hospitalised. Turned out to be his prostrate enflamed. Cost him £9000 because he didn't mention on his insurance application that he was on prostrate medication. :eek:
  20. williamalex1

    Motocaddy dry series cart bag

    I'm thinking buying one of these but at £199 so is there any faults or problems I should know before splashing my cash ?