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  1. Chisteve

    Coronavirus - how is it/has it affected you?

    We are on package deal with Crystal also all lifts in Sestriere are closed - so no
  2. Chisteve

    Coronavirus - how is it/has it affected you?

    In sestriere also flight home arranged for later this evening such a shame as perfect skiing conditions
  3. Chisteve

    Coronavirus - how is it/has it affected you?

    I’m now stuck in Italy arrived Sunday had a brilliant days skiing yesterday never seen a resort or pistes so empty on a fine day with perfect conditions resort closed today awaiting news on travel and flight arrangements
  4. Chisteve

    The stock markets

    im not also its a long haul hopefully they will recover in the next few weeks if not months
  5. Chisteve

    Gps watch

    I have recently brought a vivioactive 3 also bit fiddly to get settings sorted out but once you have it’s a good bit of kit and offer as 4 has just been brought out would recommend
  6. Chisteve

    Garmin Vivoactive 3 auto shot tracking a bit hit and miss, anyone else have this watch?

    I have one of these - not had too many problems misses the odd shot now and again but generally ok
  7. Chisteve

    Thorpeness GC and hotel.

    We stayed there on a weekend break it’s a nice area I played one round and found the course enjoyable, it was popular with society’s accommodation was basic but ok hotel/clubhouse bit of a strange mix I believe a hotel chain brought the club so an old clubhouse mixed with a hotel chain...
  8. Chisteve

    How much ?

    Would think it’s a mk 1 but I’m really not sure
  9. Chisteve

    How much ?

    I have what looks like a very little used go kart golf trolly with 2 batteries the trolley appears to work well with no bad noises and as above had little use I have charged the batteries and not sure if they are any good or not but they have charged - they are the lead type I have one of...
  10. Chisteve

    No Laying Up - Tourist Sauce

    I enjoy the NLU podcasts and tourist sauce shows not the usual Americans view on things good to see there views on stuff although sometimes goes on a bit
  11. Chisteve

    Transport thoughts

    Hi I live down on the south coast I have an elderly disabled father-in-law who lives in East Yorkshire about a 6 hour drive each way He has a number of good quality wood working tools large pedestal drill, wood turning lathe and stands etc, in all it I think it would easily fit in a transit...
  12. Chisteve

    Local knowledge/course recommendations East Yorkshire Bridlington

    Thanks for the recommendations I played Malton on Tuesday and Hornsea yesterday, both good courses and enjoyed both tracks Was going to give Filey a go, but they were having greens maintenance this week with some temp greens I will be returning shortly though as my elderly father-in-law...
  13. Chisteve

    AD333 vs AD333 Tour

    I use and like the AD333 tour balls, they can be brought for £ 20/dozen on line
  14. Chisteve

    Local knowledge/course recommendations East Yorkshire Bridlington

    Hey all - thanks for the tips they are all much appriciated Looks like plenty of good choices locally Thanks again
  15. Chisteve

    Local knowledge/course recommendations East Yorkshire Bridlington

    Hi all we are off to the above for a weeks seaside holiday with my family I have permission for a couple of rounds of golf and looking for the above don’t mind travelling 20/30 miles Thanks in advance for any recommendations
  16. Chisteve

    Who makes good fitting shorts?

  17. Chisteve

    Taking your own ammo to the Range!

    I have seen this on a small scale - mainly tight peeps not wanting to pay for range balls, I have also found the odd range ball on the course (nohere near the range) assumed being used by tight peeps not wanting to buy balls
  18. Chisteve

    Preferred lies...still

    Ours has preferred lies to help recover from last year and also this years warm weather
  19. Chisteve

    Hole in one - who pays?

    I agree with this a pint at our place is nearer £ 10 than £ 5 I had one a couple of weeks ago in my regular Saturday morning game with mates and brought them a drink I like the idea of leaving a bottle at the bar
  20. Chisteve

    Electric trolleys

    Another + for GoKart 👍👍