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  1. Trojan615

    F/S - DST compressor 8 iron + wedge, Taylor made milled wedge set, edel putters.

    For sale DST compressors irons - training aid to ensure correct impact position - wedge + 8 iron £120 taylor made mill grind wedge st - very good condition hardly used - 52,56,60 - £150 - sold edel b torque putter in copper with superstroke grip - slight paint chip on one sight line - £120...
  2. Trojan615

    New titleist pro v1 - left dash

    I see according to the excellent podcast from the my golf spy guys a tour only version of the pro v1 is to be released in October. 42mins 47 secs below
  3. Trojan615

    RSG - RCP - ? 20202

    Are there any plans for the yearly trip in 2020 ? I know with RSG holding the open the demand may be high and they may not accommodate ?
  4. Trojan615

    P2 putter grips - anyone using them?

    As above, I’m intrigued by th P2 grips. I’ve seen any in person so no idea what model to choose, anyone using them? How have they changed your putting ?
  5. Trojan615

    Golf central... sky’s American coverage of The Players

    Watched sky’s morning drive and golf central coverage today... so much better than their normal offering. I hope sky keep this rolling on their golf channel in the future.
  6. Trojan615

    Puppy training

    Had a new golden retriever puppy for about 3 weeks now, the little blighter had Parvo virus and was seriously ill at the vets for 10 days or so .... as a result he’s behind on his jabs and can’t go out yet. He was in a cage at the vets so his trading to go outside to the toilet is not as...
  7. Trojan615

    Pro cancelling lesson

    I`d be interested to hear the forums views on this..... A club pro I follow on twitter / Instagram advertised a couple of weeks ago that he would be holding a short game clinic at his venue on the outskirts of London on a sat morning (tomorrow). He lists 6 spaces and puts it out to the internet...
  8. Trojan615

    Attached pro

    Was having a discussion about this a couple of days ago, a lot of good quality course have a couple of aspiring or wannabe tour pros playing their course... A few pros and cons of the situation were discussed, Raise the profile of the club ( if it’s a good course should it be raised, what...
  9. Trojan615

    Cross field Pga show honesty ?

    Interesting video from Mark “marmite” Crossfield ... Starts out in a positive manner and then goes a little south.. seems to be having a bit of a downer on the Pga show, range demos and journalists... was interesting to hear a few of his comments including...
  10. Trojan615


    Well, it's open qualifying day again... This year both Rick Shiels and Peter Finch are playing, they haven't pushed this as much as last year and after Rick result (82 I think ) then maybe the added pressure didn't help. Be interested to see if the other YouTube celebs did this as well, what...
  11. Trojan615

    Littlestone / rcp / rsg 2018 ?

    Is there likely to be a return event next year as I'm planning my a/l at the moment and don't want to be caught short....... ?
  12. Trojan615

    Keeps crashing on iPad pro

    Been doing it for a week or so .. very annoying
  13. Trojan615

    The dreaded bandit or short game wizard....

    Nuff said
  14. Trojan615

    footjoy DNA - tearing my feet up ? anyone else have this problem ?

    Firstly, I have a couple of pairs of DNA shoes, all bought at the same time. The first pair I wore through the season last year and they fit like a glove. The second pair were red and white and I decided not to use them till the start of this season. I have worn them for 9 holes and felt them...
  15. Trojan615

    The problem with golf ....

    Interesting points on the discussion about hogan / Nike folding on a us site.... Unfortunately this is the direction the golf business/game is going. The game is too hard to master, too expensive for the middle class and takes too long to play for working people.. Is this true ? Is it time...
  16. Trojan615


    My golf spy are stating that the hogan company has let all its employees go and folded....
  17. Trojan615

    Close house..

    Is anyone a member or can give an insight into the place... Thinking about county membership as I need a base to play up north and whilst I do enjoy playing Dunstanburgh as a home from home, facilities wise this would be better Still don't understand why the don't do free range balls though..
  18. Trojan615

    Bmw pga wentworth 2017

    Has anyone heard anything about next years event. No sign on the tour website and no hint of tickets.. Rumours abound about moving to the belfry or cancellations...
  19. Trojan615

    Tigers back

    I see tiger has said he's playing at the new season opener in October. .. What will he have in his bag ? Have a guess...
  20. Trojan615

    Aim point distance ...

    I went to one of Jamie Donaldsons first aim point distance control lessons at Woburn this week. I have always had my distance control as a weak point in my game. I found it very useful and well thought out. I would highly recommend checking out his Facebook page and grabbing a slot if your...