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  1. J

    Mizuno JPX921 hot metal pro

    Are they the CF 16/19 Apex or more muscle back ?
  2. J

    I bought today.....

    A budget carry bag for when the grounds too heavy. Bought a Wilson one from Costco for £48 inc vat 👍
  3. J

    Premier League 2020/21 Season

    Your penultimate sentence nearly sums it up “defensive resilience at long TIMES”
  4. J

    Premier League 2020/21 Season

    Thankfully we’ve not had Allardyce, but you get my drift 🤔
  5. J

    Premier League 2020/21 Season

    Not to disappoint 😄 I’ve been brought up to a certain style of football, so I’m having difficulty buying into this. Another adjective is “ Leopard and spots......
  6. J

    I bought today.....

    That’s why you run around, unless of course you’re a goal hanger 😄
  7. J

    I bought today.....

    Born in Purley. Went to Taunton Manor then Purley High for Boys, both Old Coulson
  8. J

    I bought today.....

    What school did you go to in Croydon?
  9. J

    MyHermes - a funny one

    Bill, I only hope it was that hideous putter that looked more at home at an opera house
  10. J

    MyHermes - a funny one

    And they didn’t come up smelling of roses either
  11. J

    Back into Golf

    I too was thinking of clubs that let you pay your subscription monthly by direct debit. It maybe worthwhile approaching the secretary of various clubs and see if they have any arrangements in place to help certain “categories”. I’m aware of clubs who offer discounts to offshore/people working...
  12. J

    Wearing a gilet

    Had mine on today at the start of the round. Great clothing, mines an Under Armour. Really ideal as no restriction during the swing
  13. J

    Those foam filled irons.....

    What’s the reason for the hollow face over cavity back ?
  14. J

    I bought today.....

    Stuburt Evolve Extreme waterproof trousers
  15. J

    Galvin Green jacket -- Fake or Real??

    Had my Galvin Green jacket and trousers on today, and despite the downpour was as dry as a bone 👍
  16. J

    Best irons for a hooker!

    I only looked as I thought the thread related to a “working girl” 🤣🤣
  17. J

    4 iron, 6 iron - same carry!

    So you’ll be hitting 4 iron on the 5th hole now 🤫
  18. J

    Where is my CDH number?

    Look at your Profile on HDID, it’s there
  19. J

    I bought today.....

    I go to Hebburn Central, pretty decent 👍
  20. J

    Premier League 2020/21 Season

    John Burridge played for your boys for a few years, and a few clubs after 😄 Vince Hilaire was another floating down the wing at times