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    Tech in the Basket - anybody bought from them

    Am after a new mobile, and whilst googling about, found .. ... but wondered if anyone has used them. They state that the phones work in the UK, and that they have a repair centre in Manchester ... and their prices are very competitive against retailers Just...
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    Last of the BA 747's took off today

    Spotted on BBC Breakfast News (at 8.35) that the last 2 British Airways 747 (Jumbos), took off from Heathrow Airport this morning. I live in Cardiff/Newport, so have seen a load of the current 747's parked up at Cardiff Airport. I could not figure if they meant that BA will no longer be flying...
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    What distance with less spin

    Just wondered, if I produced around 1000 less spin on the last shot, what distance gain would that equate to. From what I understand, with that spin (3209), the ball tends to climb, and the preferred spin rate people advise is around 2200 I ask, as I am still contemplating replacing my driver...
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    How to practice bunker play, without a bunker

    Always wondered how could do this, stumbled across the below YouTube video ... not tried it yet, but wondered if anyone else had anything similar Cheers
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    Looking for Waterproof Trainer Style Golf Shoes

    As the title says, want to get a new pair of golf shoes, would like trainer style ones, but also ones which are waterproof (as in the UK, who knows what the weather has in store). Have seen a few trainer style online, however, a number of them just seem to be fair weather shoes, so asking if...
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    New Iron set for under £300

    So, am looking for advice for a set of Irons under £300 (nearer to £200 the better :)). I have been using Ben Ross HTX Irons for the last 3 years (bought Dec 2016), and in the SIM tonight, the head snapped off my 7 iron. Seeing as I already wrapped my 5 iron round a tree last year (and not got...
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    How to lower launch angle

    With the lock-down, and lucky enough to have a Skytrak, am trying to figure how to reduce my launch angles. At the moment, with my 7 Iron, I am getting upto 155 yds total (carry 135-140 yds), however my launch angle is always quite high. My Ben Ross 7 Iron is lofted at 30.5, with a regular...
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    Not much else left in the tank I think :-)

    Thankfully, with the lockdown I still have the skytrak setup in the garage, so been doing some work with the driver. It is still not consistent (left and rights), but they are getting towards averaging 200 yds .. however, just managed my longest, really don't think there is much left in the...
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    Where can I get a golf net in UK for garden within a week

    Just wondered if anyone knows where I could get a golf net for the garden within a week, preferably under £70ish Have got my sim setup in the garage, but with the nice weather in the UK at the mo, would like to be able to hit outside, but the only ones I have found are showing delivery sometime...
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    Crossfield v Whoever

    Spotted on twitter, bit of a crossfield v whoever spat going on again ... interesting
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    Why high spin with my driver

    Hi guys, wondered why I keep getting high spin with my driver. At the moment, don't really have the cash and also still recovering from leg injury, so can't really get a fitting and new £400 driver Anyway, my driver is a Ben Ross HTX 10.5 degree (lofted down to 9.5), with the standard Kuro...
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    BBC iPlayer and Chromecast buffering

    Just wondered if anybody uses BBC iPlayer with a chromecast? I keep getting a lot of buffering/pausing when streaming. I don't seem to have any problems with other streaming such as YouTube etc, it just seems to be with iPlayer. Searched around google, and found other people with similar...
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    Has your game literally changed overnight?

    Not practiced on the skytrak for a week (since a mate came over), jumped on it last night .. and literally cannot hit a shot ... I am shanking every club out of the hossle It feels like I'm a beginner. I usually setup with the ball in the middle of the club (irons\hybrid), and that gives me a...
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    Projector for less than £100 --- is it possible

    I have created my SkyTrak Sim in garage, on an extreme low budget, and to be honest it looks like it as well ;-) ... but it does the job. The next thing I would like is a projector (currently just have a monitor setup), but .. just like the rest of my build, would like to do it on a budget ...
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    Fix 5-iron or get a hybrid

    Think I already know the answer to this, but thought would ask anyway. I broke my 5 iron last year, and did not get fixed due to being out of the game for 6 months due to injury, but with now getting fit again, and wondering ... should I fix my 5-iron or replace it with a Hybrid. So, the iron...
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    Game Golf Live - how do you get yours working

    Hoping there are a few people here who are using Game Golf Live, and can advise, as I was getting well frustrated on the course yesterday. I am still fairly new to using Game Golf, got it gifted 6 months ago, but only now been playing with it Anyway, on the course yesterday, just could not get...
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    What distances do you hit?

    After now getting back into the game, after my leg injury, was wondering what distance I should be hitting. I got myself a skytrak couple of months before my injury, so never really did a gapping session so didn't really know my figures Anyway, did a little gap session the other day...
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    I think my SkyTrak launch monitor is aligned :-)

    I think my SkyTrak is aligned properly ;-), but on a more serious note, after breaking ankle and dislocating knee am trying to get golf fit, whilst also with the downtime been watching lots of YouTube videos. Been trying to square up my swing, more from in to out (was a heavy over the top...
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    LPGA BMW Championship - UK Coverage

    Noticed that this weekend is the LPGA BMW Championship from Korea, however in the UK (on sky) seems to be limited coverage, as in they are only showing Day 3 and 4. I quite like watching the ladies golf, as it is more similar to my game, than the mens PGA game. Does anyone know if Day 1 and 2...
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    Why can't I hit my 60 degree

    So, managed to get back on the course yesterday after 3 months off with broken ankle, anyway, it seems that I just cannot hit my 60 degree. I have been practising in the SIM, and was seeing the same problem. Every other club I hit from GW to Driver, all had a reasonable flight, straight...