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  1. robinthehood

    Rights of a criminal...

    I've seen it said by a few that if you commit a crime and get injured etc then you deserve all you get and that anyone commiting a crime deserves to lose any rights.. Is this a widly held belief, has anyone really thought what this would actaully mean?
  2. robinthehood

    Dash Cams

    Cows like grass
  3. robinthehood


    I like cakes.
  4. robinthehood

    Will you play if we're allowed

    If the EGU are succesful and get Golf allowed during lockdown, will you play?Or is it a frivilous activity and will abstain and tell eveyone on facebook about it?
  5. robinthehood

    RIP Sean Connery

    Age 90! So many good films. Might have to watch the Rock later
  6. robinthehood

    400 yards

    Apparently everyone's favourite bomber Mr BDC has been getting over 400 yds of carry in practice and not even using the 48 incher yet . Those old geezers in their green blazers will be worried 🤣🤣😂
  7. robinthehood

    Used balls

    Who's using lake, refurbished etc? My son picked up an AD333 the other day it looked in good nick, but on it there was a logo for a 2008 charity day! I personally stay clear of them myself, but see why lake balls are popular, but seeing as they could be of any year etc that find just reinforced...
  8. robinthehood

    Spitting image

    Anyone watched the new series? I found it quite hit and miss. Some good gags from Harry and Meghan. Trumps a bit boring, the conservative party puppets are pretty good. Priti the vampire, goves face looks like a ball bag 😂 and Cummings is some weird alien.
  9. robinthehood

    Great British Bake Off

    I can't belive there are no threads for this most awesome of TV shows. Thoroughly enjoying the latestest series, Matt Lucas is proving to be a good foil for Noel.
  10. robinthehood

    Fair comment

    Do you agree with MC's latest vid? Fitzpatricks comments do seem somewhat misguided..
  11. robinthehood

    What you shooting?

    Winged foot, from the back tees with the Pros... Me? Probably make it to the 8th or so and then run out of balls 😂😂
  12. robinthehood

    Why dont....

    You tell slow groups to get out of the way? I know it's a game off ettiquette and all that, but if the group in front has lost a hole+ i'm going to be telling the to step aside and let us through. I'll give them a chance to call us by, but if it's not forthcoming pretty qucik I'll be letting...
  13. robinthehood

    Climate change..

    The single biggest issue of our time, what are you doing to help leave the planet in a good state for your children?
  14. robinthehood

    Horror Films

    Any horror fans? I grew up watching the old Boris Karloff stuff, maybe some Vincent Price too. A lot of the hammer stuff as well, I guess it would all look a bit tame compared to today's offerings Although I can't think of anything of late that's caught my eye in the horror genre.
  15. robinthehood

    2 Adams Hybrids for sale

    2 x Adams Super S Idea 2h 17 degree 4h 22 degree Matrix Kujoh shafts in R flex Red tour wrap grips Headcovers for both, but they are not the correct ones. Fair condition 2h has a few more nicks here and there, but nothing to detract from playability. 65 for the pair inc postage...
  16. robinthehood

    TaylorMade M2 Head

    M2 Head only + Cover Original version Fair condition, see pics for some scuffs to the top of the club face, not noticeable when teeing up 10.5 Degree loft. Pictures £30 delivered.
  17. robinthehood

    Online golf?

    Any gamers? Maybe we could have a few games of PGA tour online. I've got ps3, ps4, Xbox one and PC. Can probably pick up a slightly older version of PGA for pennies now. Might while away an hour or 2.. Failing that just go crazy in GTA 😂😂
  18. robinthehood

    Stock piling , panic buying.

  19. robinthehood

    Car parks

    Why do some golf clubs say no changing shoes in the car park? Seems a bit odd and impractical at times.
  20. robinthehood

    Does anyone care?

    About Harry and Meghan, The story is dominating every news outlet but is it really such big news and worthy of so much airtime?