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  1. HomerJSimpson

    Another Great Gone

    RIP Nobby Stiles. His toothless grin an iconic image of the world cup winning celebrations
  2. HomerJSimpson

    No More Rock On Tommy

    Bobby Ball from comedy duo Cannon and Ball has died from Covid A regular fixture on TV at one time
  3. HomerJSimpson

    RIP Frank Bough

    Another TV stalwart gone. Always remember him for both Grandstand and Nationwide. Perhaps most famous though for being one of the presenters when Breakfast news started
  4. HomerJSimpson

    Titleist Tour Speed

    Done a review on these new balls. Not sure about their brash claims in terms of speed/distance vs other balls but definitely impressed around the green
  5. HomerJSimpson

    Smoking Ban

    Just had an alert from the club saying with immediate effect there is a smoking ban on the course. Not a problem for me as a non-smoker and given the parched condition of the course (and perhaps with thoughts of the fire close to Wentworth) it makes perfect sense. Has anyone else done the same...
  6. HomerJSimpson

    Suspension Lifted

    Thorbjorn Olesens suspension lifted - Thoughts?
  7. HomerJSimpson

    RIP Steve Priest

    Sad to read that the Sweet guitarist has died Sweet were one of my favourite bands in the heyday of glam rock even though I was way too young to...
  8. HomerJSimpson

    Clubhouse Destroyed

    This is sad news and a rather unusual looking and historic clubhouse destroyed...
  9. HomerJSimpson

    John O'Leary RIP

    Some sad news from a talented golfer who also did a lot to drive the European Tour forward
  10. HomerJSimpson

    RIP Terry Jones

    Sad news
  11. HomerJSimpson

    Callaway Triple Track Putter

    Seen a few videos today about the new Callaway putters that incorporate the same triple track lines their ERC and chrome soft balls use to help you line the ball and putter up better I also like the fact they've continued with their #10 style which is basically a Spider copy from the Toulon...
  12. HomerJSimpson

    N/R Penalties

    What do we think to this? Personally I try never to N/R unless it is through illness or injury and for me finishing last in my division is no big deal. I may get some stick on the day in the 19th but the next...
  13. HomerJSimpson

    RIP Martin Peters

    Very Sad, World cup hero and West Ham legend. RIP Martin Peters
  14. HomerJSimpson

    RIP Sir David Bellamy

    So one of the first icons of nature has passed. I remember watching David Bellamy growing up and his enthusiasm was infectious. Loved the Lenny Henry character (as he did). Very sad
  15. HomerJSimpson

    Grim Up North

    Seeing the pictures on the news of Yorkshire and surrounding areas and the flooding damage. Hope all the forum members from that neck of the woods and their families are OK and can imagine one or two courses may be shut this weekend. Stay safe and warm
  16. HomerJSimpson


    Now that the new rules have come in allowing spike marks to be tapped down on the green, do you think clubs will begin to change their policy back and allow spikes in golf shoes again. At this time of year I do feel from personal experience that I have always felt more stable in spikes than...
  17. HomerJSimpson

    British Par 3 Champs

    Off to Nailcote Hall tomorrow to do some media stuff at the British Par 3 and also going to be around for the first day of the pro event on Wednesday which has a £50,000 prize up for grabs. Interesting mix of names in the pro event, some instantly recognisable and others I've not heard of...
  18. HomerJSimpson

    Junior Golf Clubs

    HID is trying to get their sports department to do some golf lessons over the summer holiday and they are on the look out for some second hand junior sized clubs suitable for 9-10 year olds. I've tried looking online but apart from full sets on Gumtree and e-bay can't find much. Is there...
  19. HomerJSimpson

    Justin Edinburgh

    Just heard Justin Edinburgh has died aged 49. Tragic as he's done great things with Orient to get them back into the league and an FA Trophy final and was a good player in his time too.
  20. HomerJSimpson

    British XI I Wish I'd Seen

    Following on from our best British XI we have seen, this would be an eleven I wish I'd seen play. Again it's really hard as there are so many contenders and I could make a number of teams up but this side has some like Labone and Radford who were underrated or overlooked in all time lists (imo)...