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  1. bradleywedge

    Question about Powakaddy noise

    Does anyone own the Powakaddy CT6 electric trolley? If so does yours make a whirring sound when you have the motor running? The reason I ask is because my friend has the Powakaddy FX and his is silent when has his motor running when the cart is in motion. Just wondering if mine is the norm to...
  2. bradleywedge

    Amateur leading the US Open

    There's hope for us all:)
  3. bradleywedge

    Is the golf playing season over?

    Played a local course on Sunday and it was very wet, the ball plugging at the end of August! not enjoyable, it has done nothing but rain since. Is it time to put the clubs away till next year?
  4. bradleywedge

    Been experimenting with putters

    In that the last 3 I have bought have all been mallet putters. After using the same blade putter for 25 years thought I was ready for a change. How wrong I was, all 3 putters since I have not taken to. Finally resorted to going to one of these (hopefully the last one I will buy):
  5. bradleywedge

    I think I have a fade with my driver and a draw with my irons

    or a hook and a slice whichever way you look at it. Is this possible though or should all your clubs have the same trajectory?
  6. bradleywedge

    Golf Pride MCC Align Grips

    Does anyone use them? Thinking of getting all my clubs regripped with them, would you get your full set done? ie: irons, woods and wedges, or just concentrate on a specific set to have done? Look useful for helping the grip align properly on the club. How much would you expect to pay to have a...
  7. bradleywedge

    Earliest you have teed off?

    Just off now for my 6am tee time, should be home for 9am. Lovely time to play course to ourselves What's the earliest you have teed off?
  8. bradleywedge

    The grip

    Fundamentally the most important part of a Golf swing. Which are you strong, neutral or weak? This guy on youtube has it covered:
  9. bradleywedge I supposed to take one?

    I know technically you are supposed to hit the ball first and take a divot after the strike, but my shots never tend to do this. I rarely take a divot unless I fat, or duff one, when the ball doesn't go anywhere. Are taking divots just resigned to low handicappers and very good players. I can...
  10. bradleywedge

    I've only got 13 clubs in my bag

    Driver, 3 wood, 4 hydrid, 5-PW, 48,54,60 wedges and putter. Can anyone suggest what I am missing?
  11. bradleywedge

    Distractions on the golf course, new technology etc...

    I have recently had the Garmin S60 watch, which I used on my round and latterly the sensors for recording the shots. After a while using it I decided they weren't for me and I got rid. I then bought a cheaper Bushnell watch solely for the purpose of telling me my yardage to the hole, and started...
  12. bradleywedge

    Pitching has gone to pot

    Pitching, not chipping. Quite confident around the greens chipping and running with an 8 iron towards the hole but it's the pitching from 80 yards in and around the greens I'm struggling with. Can't seem to judge the loft and flight required to get to the hole. I'm using Vokey wedges, can I...
  13. bradleywedge

    Golf betting

    Anyone on here (over 18 obviously) like to have a bet on the golf? I like to have a couple of quid on PGA and European Tour events from time to time, deffo on the majors. Couple of events this week done a couple of quid e/w on Garcia and Stephen Gallagher (at a tempting 400/1!) in Dubai and...
  14. bradleywedge

    pitting and corrosion in a set of 2019 irons.

    I have recently bought a set of second hand Titleist 718 AP1 irons. I have only used them in about 3 rounds since I bought them. Yesterday whilst pulling the 7 & 8 irons out of the bag I noticed some pitting on the shafts. The 7 iron only a small amount, but quite a bit on the 8 iron. Couple of...
  15. bradleywedge

    Golfers elbow or tendonitis as it's commonly known

    Anybody suffer from this? It was not gained by playing golf, but by repetitive strain at work. Can be very painful, on the inside of my elbow joint. Seen the doctor not much help, just suggested ibroprufren to ease the pain. I appreciate only rest will cure it, but that's impossible as I can't...
  16. bradleywedge

    Winter golf, pick and place off the fairway or winter fairway golf mat?

    As it says in the title what is your preference for playing winter golf? Started with a bit of frost which had got into the fairways today although they looked playable for me after about half an hour into the round (it was about 4 degrees then). I didn't have a mat (never had one), so I was...
  17. bradleywedge

    One balls

    What's the forums opinion on one balls? Never played as a one ball myself ever, but thinking about going out tomorrow, as usual playing partner not available and I fancy a knock. I plan to go out as late as possible so as not to affect anyones round, are we talking latest tee off time about...
  18. bradleywedge

    Do golf lessons work?

    I have never paid for a golf lesson in my life, I have received advice from pro's on a casual basis but never actually had a proper assessment. My game has stalled somewhat and I seem to be going backwards if anything. I am loathe to have someone completely change my swing as I am at the stage...
  19. bradleywedge

    Hi all, I'm new here

    ...and needless to say I have a problem, not sure where to go with it, so thought I'd ask on the best golf forum on the internet;) Just purchased a second hand Callaway XR16 driver. Today I was on the range hitting everything massive left with it, couldn't understand why, but when I looked down...