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  1. Chisteve

    How much ?

    I have what looks like a very little used go kart golf trolly with 2 batteries the trolley appears to work well with no bad noises and as above had little use I have charged the batteries and not sure if they are any good or not but they have charged - they are the lead type I have one of...
  2. Chisteve

    Transport thoughts

    Hi I live down on the south coast I have an elderly disabled father-in-law who lives in East Yorkshire about a 6 hour drive each way He has a number of good quality wood working tools large pedestal drill, wood turning lathe and stands etc, in all it I think it would easily fit in a transit...
  3. Chisteve

    Local knowledge/course recommendations East Yorkshire Bridlington

    Hi all we are off to the above for a weeks seaside holiday with my family I have permission for a couple of rounds of golf and looking for the above don’t mind travelling 20/30 miles Thanks in advance for any recommendations
  4. Chisteve

    Joined The Special Club Today

    Hole in one club Goodwood Downs Course (my home course) hole one par 3 at 7.40 this morning (June 1st 2019) 159 yards to centre from orange tees 1st shot of the round
  5. Chisteve

    Laser Rangefinder Recommendations

    Hi all as above any good cheap ones around as used by yourself
  6. Chisteve

    Taylormade Spyder OS Putter

    As above and as pictures in very good condition with super stroke grip Looking for £ 100.00 collected from Chichester West Sussex + £ 10 for postage
  7. Chisteve

    Golf Service

    Just thought I'd share some good service received over the last month or so Sun mountain - I brought a HN20 cart bag last year - one of the waterproof zips broke just over a year after purchase after a couple phone calls to retailer and Sun Montain and sending photos bag was replaced FOC with...
  8. Chisteve

    What’s your 1st cut/rough like

    Ours is brutal now lost ball if it goes in rough and 1st cut is sticky grabing hold of club all very lush with all the rain we had and now hot weather
  9. Chisteve


    I had 2 firsts on our 2nd course this morning as our 1st course was booked for a corperate event Birdied the 3rd 100 yard pitch straight into hole on the 13th Scored a not bad 17 points on front and a miserable 11 points on back Just wanted to share Courses Goodwood West Sussex
  10. Chisteve

    Played my 1st knockout today and won!

    As it says had a great round today 5 up at turn managed to hold on an win match on 17th well pleased that I didn't lose it and panic after shanking one into woods and losing the 16th Cheers:lol::lol:
  11. Chisteve

    Best Waterproof Cart Bag apart from Sun Mountain - but not a massive tour bag

    So whats folks thoughts on this Will prefer black in colour
  12. Chisteve

    Wanted TM M1/2 Fujikura Pro 60 Stiff Driver Shaft

    Anybody have one of these in tip top condition?
  13. Chisteve

    TM M2 Wrench Wanted

    Anybody got a spare one ?
  14. Chisteve

    Socks - what's your clubs rules

    As it says above I like to play in shorts weather permitting I also wear spikeless shoes, with black ankle socks although I do own White sports type socks My club are fairly relaxed about this and doing well at present introducing waiting list to join as about 2k members I played as a...
  15. Chisteve

    Cleveland wedge offers anywhere

    Thinking of replcing my trusty 4-5 year old cleveland wedges 3 no Anybody know of some good offers anywaher
  16. Chisteve

    Love hate golf

    Played a club stapleford on Saturday Played out on my skin on front 9 - 24 points (5 over par also) I play off 23 After a little friendly banter with my PP on the 9th I had a nightmare but managed to score a point and started to think about the score rather than concentrating on playing -...
  17. Chisteve

    Selling a fairly high value car privately

    How would you ? I have just taken delivery of new company car so in the process of selling my car Interested on what your experances are with this sort of thing good or bad
  18. Chisteve

    Motocaddy Push Trolly + Bag

    Hi have the above for sale The trolley has score card holder, umbrella holder and also bag. Only minor problem is score card holder cover has one broken hinge - but still works fine The bag is hardly used and almost as new. As went to carrying and now electric - go kart so not really...
  19. Chisteve


    So how do you keep your concentration on the course I'm having trouble with this a habit is emerging I tend to be focused at the beginning of the round after 4-5 holes it goes Just interested in what you do
  20. Chisteve

    SLDR 10.5 Stiff Shaft Adjustable

    Hi I have the above for sale in good nick, just could not get get on with it Looking for £ 110.00 posted Photos