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  1. Duckster

    Allergies and bad customer services

    So bit of back ground and a bit of a rant coming. I’m allergic to mushrooms. They can completely knock me out of it and even after an adrenaline shot I’ll be in bed for a couple of days. Not gonna kill me, just severe reaction to them. Today is also my 10th wedding anniversary (10 years and...
  2. Duckster

    Old Course Ballot June 17th, 18th or 19th.

    Bit of an outside gamble, but I'm up in St Andrews all next week and am looking for anyone else who may be up there to join up in the ballot? Only really going to have free time on Mon-Wed and looking at the forecast, I think Tuesday would be my preffered day. No worries if there's no-one...
  3. Duckster

    Knock in the highlands: BOG or GOS?

    Off to Scotland for a 2 week holiday this summer from 15th June with the Mrs and our 3yr old daughter. Driving up and staying in some holiday lets. 1st week is in St Andrews, so I'll be getting up early doors and joining the queue for the Old Course. No problems with that, can't wait! I...
  4. Duckster

    Royal Birkdale

    Yesterday I managed to have a huge tick placed against one on the bucket list. Royal Birkdale. Thanks to BMW and Titleist I managed to get a full day there alongside 2 of my friends. After so many times of looking out towards the clubhouse, I was finally able to turn right and head down to...
  5. Duckster

    Another one off the bucket list

    So, it appears that I've managed to bag a tee time next week at a course I've wanted to play pretty much all my life. Royal Birkdale!! Roll on Wednesday. Looks like it's in a proper comp as well for the BMW Golf Cup so individual stableford and there's a team event as well. Not too sure if...
  6. Duckster

    Scotland Jaunt - 5 Courses

    Got back from my annual trip to Scotland last Sunday. 5 days, 5 rounds, 30 lads and lots of beer. Weather was racking flags every day. Day 1: Carnwath New course for us to play and it was a little gem. I'm not normally a fan of cross-over holes but they seemed to work ok here. Greens were...
  7. Duckster

    Nick Dougherty To put away the clubs

    Just seen on Twitter that Nick D has announced that this weekends Dunhill Links will be his last tournament as a player and will then move full time behind the microphone. Hope he does well and makes the cut. However I've been really impressed with him in a pundit / commentator role with Sky...
  8. Duckster

    Good news day

    Loving St Andrews so far, walked the Old today, got some nice pics. After failing to get picked from the ballot for Monday we've managed to get in for Tuesday so this week will mainly be: Tues - Old Course Wed - New Course Thurs - Jubilee Course There was a bit of jumping about in our holiday...
  9. Duckster

    What a difference a day makes.

    Well, who'd have thought on Monday that when waking up and doddering around a bit with the wifey that we'd end up having to rush to the hospital. It's all good though Ladies and Gentlemen, may I introduce you to the little duckling. Scarlett Alice Heyes. 7lb 9oz, born on the 15th Feb...
  10. Duckster

    Hillside Blackball Gerrard

    Friend of mine just passed me this link. Apparently he's been blackballed from joining as he might bring "shame" to it's reputation. Even I (as a UTD fan) think that's a bit daft.
  11. Duckster

    Old Course Handicap Certificates.

    Bit of advice required. Later on this year (late July), me and the bro-in-law, plus families, are off up to the golfing mecca of St Andrews for our 40ths. We have tee times on the New and Jubilee already sorted and are going to be entering the ballot for the Old (or even queue up at 4am if it...
  12. Duckster

    Wentworth going even more "upscale"

    Not content on being one of the priciest (note, I said one of) clubs in England, it appears that they are now going to usurp the "ordinary golfer" from Wentworth's membership. Is there such a thing at Wentworth? On the flip side, I do actually feel sorry for the current membership, especially...
  13. Duckster

    Footjoy Lee Westwood Day at Royal Wimbledon - Pics as well

    Right then, straight out of the box, a huge thanks to Golf Monthly, Footjoy and also Lee Westwood! Great day! Soooo. Drove down the M6 car park on Monday (few beers near Guildford) as was an early start. Tuesday morning arrives and I thought I'd rather be earlier than later, so expecting...
  14. Duckster

    New Camera Fake - Gutted so having a rant.

    Ordered a little action cam thing through Amazon about a month ago. One of the SJ Cam 4000's. Got good reviews online, cheap as chips, so thought it'd be perfect for what I needed (just to make golfing dvd of our upcoming Scotland trip). Turns up on Wednesday from China so I had a quick look...
  15. Duckster

    Annual Scotland Trip is imminent

    All set for our annual Scotland golfing jaunt next Wednesday. 21 of us this year with several new faces, hopefully the weather will be nice. Playing Lanark on our way up, staying in Edinburgh for the 4 nights, then playing Longniddry, Gullane #2, White Kirk and swinging by West Linton on our...
  16. Duckster

    WGC Fantasy Bracket Game

    The PGA tour and Dell have got a free Fantasy game for the WGC Matchplay knockouts I've created a private league and put my side in, looked back and I might be a little European biased..... League Name: GM Forum Password: wibble
  17. Duckster

    Golf Course Vandals!

    Played in our winter league this morning (nice 3&2 win), but the day was marred with just senseless vandalism. Overnight it looks like someone has come onto the course with a spade and dug up several greens around where the pins were. 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th (temp and main green), 6th, 10th...
  18. Duckster

    Why would someone do this? West Lancs GC

    Seen on twitter that some vandals have been tearing up West Lancs GC on (what appears to be) motorbikes. Apparently 2nd fariway and green, 3rd tee and green, 4th fairway and 4th green have been cut up. I just don't get the mentality of some people.
  19. Duckster

    2014 PGA Championship Final Round "Quad Supercut"

    Just seen this on Geoff Shackleford's site - great video with all 4 contenders of the PGA Championship synced in together.
  20. Duckster

    Royal Liverpool

    As Tiger has asked, here's a review of our day at Hoylake: Nerves. Much can be said about a person by how he can control his nerves on a round of golf. However how do you control getting a severe case of the shakes when you've only just stepped out of the car? This is what one of my playing...