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    Alyth Golf Club.

    Any members from Alyth Golf Club on here ? Heard they sent an email out asking if members could pay their (2021) fees early or if they can loan the club some money :eek:
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    What's more important ?

    The death toll or the economy ? In the short term it has to be the death toll but long term ?
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    To the younger ones on here who "don't care"

    This is taken from someone local to me, read on....
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    Any clubs closed ?

    Has anyone's club closed due to the ongoing situation ? I don't mean closed as it out of business but closed their club/course ??? I've got feeling we may well do in the next few days particularly after the PM's presser earlier.
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    County fee ?

    Does anyone know if the county fee is compulsory, and I'm referring to Scotland only. I believe woman do not have to pay but don't know if men "have" to, also, what sanctions could be had if one refused to pay it.
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    Golf on TV ?

    What are my options to watch golf on TV this coming season ? Ideally the US stuff as it's on in the evenings. I don't have Sky/BT/Amazon in fact I only have council telly at the moment, though I do have Netflix but doubt there is any on there. I signed up to Golf TV last year but couldn't...
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    Spikeless V Replaceable spikes

    Turns out Replaceable spike shoes are longer off the tee than spikeless. :D
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    Bob MacIntyre and the Ryder Cup

    Bob MacIntyre is barrelling towards yet another top ten at the Nedbank, christ know what he did in his first two rounds but as I type he's sitting 6th. I think unless he wins in Dubai he's no chance of the Masters but what about his Ryder Cup chances ?? Despite not having any wins to his name...
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    Ping G series woods.

    I'm after a 5 wood and really like the low profile of the Ping woods, but I'm not overly keen on paying £200+ for one but on looking around a lot of the recent Ping woods all look very similar with those dragonfly things. There seems to be G, G5, G30, G400, G410, now I know the latest ones...
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    How to stop 3 putting.

    Brilliant line from Mark Crossfield in his game with James Robinson after the latter 3 putted, "hit it closer bruh" And that Ladies and Gentlemen is the answer.
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    Would you ???

    Another would you topic. Bumped in to a fellow member yesterday in the car park who was out trying a new (to him) driver. Said it gave him 20 yards over his old one, then said, no sure the 20 yards is worth £200 for the new (to him) one. Would you for 20 extra yards ??
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    Joker film royalties.

    Seems Gary Glitter is to earn royalties from the Joker film, and why shouldn't he ?
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    Has anyone had their lofts checked recently ? Reason I ask is, since I bought a new set of irons 18 months ago I've had a gapping issue from my 9 to my P, like 15 - 20 yard gap but just kept at it, well today it cost me a shot so I went in to the pro and asked him to check the P out. Should...
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    How fair is the handicap system

    I play in all club comps I can and another fella I know only play in seniors as he's a 5 day member. We are off very similar hcaps yet he only plays off of the melons and probably doesn't play more than 10-15 Q's a season. I on the other hand rarely play off the yellas and have already played...
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    Spectator calls penalty, after end of match ?

    The scenario is, match all square going down the last, guy hits in to bush, he climbs in, moves everything out the way, round his neck, under his legs, you get the picture. Chaps out, makes 5, opponent makes 6. Spectator says to him after hole is finished, you can't make a stance etc etc by...
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    My golf spy are at the ball market again and this time they are cutting up balls and finding quite a lot, go check them out.
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    Caught cheating...allegedly.

    So tonight I was told that one, possibly two players may have been caught Buster Keating, don't know the exact details but marking their own cards and possibly a bit of shenanigans when ball is in the rough. Apparently this has been reported to the committee but is only from the word of a much...
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    Jihadi Jack !

    Anyone seen his interview ? If we could spare the hysterical comments, this fella is clearly intelligent, clearly isn't begging and understands where he's at, what I find astonishing is, how does a clearly bright intelligent middle class non Muslim, white guy think it was a good idea to head off...
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    Sprained hand/thumb recovery time.

    I know this is a bit "how long is a piece of string type question" but I strained/sprained my hand/thumb just over two weeks ago and I'm still struggling to hold a club. Swelled up quite badly initially but that has subsided and it's definitely getting better, I pretty much have full use of my...
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    St Andrews Links Trophy

    One of the top amateur tournaments in the world kicks off tomorrow at St Andrews with 21 of 26 Walker Cup selected players in the field, should be a great few days golf played by these guys and likely to be some future stars to look out for. Defending Champion John Murphy returns looking to...