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    Questions about adjustable driver - should i square the face or use grip as my alignment?

    Agree, that video was very good, def learnt quite a bit from that
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    Has Game Golf finally died?

    I have been doing the same now for a while. Just start the Live GPS device, tag as I go round, and then upload via the app when it is all done I did try to use the App again a few games ago, but again, it either crashed, did not pick up some shots etc etc, so now I just use MyRoundPro or...
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    Tech in the Basket - anybody bought from them

    That saying going through my head "If it is to good to be true, then usually is" ... I say that to other people, so this time .. think I am going to take my own advice :-)
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    Last of the BA 747's took off today

    The factory for the dismantling, is in St. Athan .. right next door (almost) to the new Aston Martin factory (building the DBX). Have driven past it a few times, and quite a few planes half-way through being dismantled
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    Tech in the Basket - anybody bought from them

    Am after a new mobile, and whilst googling about, found .. ... but wondered if anyone has used them. They state that the phones work in the UK, and that they have a repair centre in Manchester ... and their prices are very competitive against retailers Just...
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    Last of the BA 747's took off today

    Wow ... there are quite a few down at Cardiff Airport to be dismantled then. I used to work at the BA Maintenance hangar at Cardiff, hope they are able to re-configure that for other aircraft, as it was specifically designed and built to fit around a 747
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    Last of the BA 747's took off today

    Spotted on BBC Breakfast News (at 8.35) that the last 2 British Airways 747 (Jumbos), took off from Heathrow Airport this morning. I live in Cardiff/Newport, so have seen a load of the current 747's parked up at Cardiff Airport. I could not figure if they meant that BA will no longer be flying...
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    High handicapper/beginner driver

    I wanted to update my Ben Ross HTX driver, but also did not want to spend a fortune. Ended up getting a 2nd hand TM M2 for £90 .... there is a very small sky mark, but am sure I will add to that anyway ;-) Have to agree, the noise from this driver when you get hold of one is amazing ... also...
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    Driver - The next step

    If you have the data, take a look at this .. You can put your data in and see the shot, but then change launch angle, spin etc .. to see what the outcome would be .... it's good to be able to play with the figures
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    Sore toe nails

    I used to have the same problem, with a pair of Callaway shoes, my big toes would go black after the round and hurt for a few days. Ended up changing shoes, bought the Inesis shoes, and since then, no problems at all ... so, at least for me, it was down to good (or in the case of Callaway, bad)...
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    Bryn Meadows

    If my memory serves me right, how did you find the 10th hole (to the huge mound) ... i played that course not long (8-10 months) after I started golf, and that hole was a shock I do hope I am remembering the right course here lol
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    Budget Golf Trolley - £100 or less?

    Also take a look on FB Marketplace or Gumtree, lots of bargains on there. I just picked up an electric trolley with working battery for a steel of £25 (could not believe it myself), was originally looking for push trolley, but def some good deals on there
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    I bought today.....

    A hill billy hi-lite electric golf trolley with battery for £25 ... and absolute steel I reckon. This is for my wife, so seems to do the job, for the once or twice a month she plays
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    Is the golf playing season over?

    I try to play in whatever the weather, frozen greens, is hard to stop the ball though lol ... was supposed to be playing at local course on Thursday (Tredegar park) as day off work, but thankfully managed to swap my day to tomorrow, so 8.16am tee off time for, when the sun will be shining ...
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    What distance with less spin

    Just wondered, if I produced around 1000 less spin on the last shot, what distance gain would that equate to. From what I understand, with that spin (3209), the ball tends to climb, and the preferred spin rate people advise is around 2200 I ask, as I am still contemplating replacing my driver...
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    Custom Fitting near Cardiff

    Would be interested to hear how you get on, I am thinking of looking at a driver fitting .... I don't trust the AG in Cardiff, also my local golf shop in Newport, use the SkyTrak software for their fittings, which seeing as I have that myself, I don't believe (without club data, strike location...
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    Apex cf 16 or pro

    I bought a set of used Apex CF16's a few weeks ago, moving from a set of Ben Ross HTX Irons (proper GI Irons), and I can def feel a difference with the Apex, in terms of feel, which I was surprised at, as I thought that was just waffle ... but they def feel "softer". Also, when I do get them...
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    I bought today.....

    Sort the swing out? If you were fitted, what do you have to sort?
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    How to practice bunker play, without a bunker

    Always wondered how could do this, stumbled across the below YouTube video ... not tried it yet, but wondered if anyone else had anything similar Cheers
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    I bought today.....

    Where did you get them from. I bought 2 roof bike carriers, 1 roof bars and 1 conversion kit for my car for £230 at .... they seem solid, and hold the bikes really firm and tight ... good value I thought