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    Stand up Electric trolley bag

    I'm on the hunt for a Stand up Electric trolley bag or something that would do a similar job. I like using a bag in the car for the mud and it stops it sliding around a bit too. I have the Powakaddy bag and after a round of golf I end up fighting to get the trolley in the bag and end up with...
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    Funny things your PP’s have said....

    There’s been a few lately that have tickled me. One PP peeled open a brand new golf ball on the 15th with a challenging water hazard. he said “ If this goes in, there’s a defibrillator in the large pocket of my bag”. Had me rolling! Any you’ve heard that made you chuckle?
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    It's the time of year for wearing shorts and wondered if folks had heard of or had got a tick looking for a ball in the long grass say. We had a sign up at the club last year warning to be aware of them They can come with some nasty diseases too, by the sound of it. Makes me want to wear long...
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    Help with Wedges

    I have the following wedges; Callaway MD4 52,56 and 60 degree all 10 degree bounce and S grind. I find the 56 deg just right. I enjoy using it and it is my most used wedge. The 60 deg - I have some periods better than others, I need to commit, but can often get the club too much under the...
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    Iphone Users

    This has been doing the rounds on Facebook recently, at last a simple way to move the cursor around in text - forwards, backwards, up and down;