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  1. BigEasyERGC

    Would you pay the same for a putter as you would for a driver?

    Over £200 is insanity for me, made worse if you are a mid to high handicapper. But each their own, if you want to splash the cash then go for it, who cares what people think!
  2. BigEasyERGC

    Playing my first 18 holes tomorrow

    Well done mate for your first ever round 👍 As long as you enjoyed yourself that's the main thing, keeps you coming back lol 😂
  3. BigEasyERGC

    Playing my first 18 holes tomorrow

    Jesus man £250 on a putter, that's mental!!!?? Enjoy your round. Second earlier advice hit nothing higher than a 6 iron and try not to kill the ball with every swing. controlled swings with a nice tempo to maintain timing is your way forward.
  4. BigEasyERGC

    When Greenkeepers fall out of love...... How is your course this year?

    Absolutely outstanding from Paul and the team! The course and greens are first class, the newly designed 13th is a work of art. We are very fortunate to have a man of such talents. If I had to gripe, the only things I would say is the fairway at the 1st is shaped too narrow, still no...
  5. BigEasyERGC

    Golf ball colour... Help !!

    I've stopped gaming these, find them heavy and brick like compared to other premium balls and even the blue/red truvis balls, most likely just me lol
  6. BigEasyERGC

    Golf ball colour... Help !!

    Depends on the conditions, course, the individual but I find yellow balls great then orange balls the best to see from distance. Really sticks out for me those two
  7. BigEasyERGC

    Ready to quit the game

    I had 3 at the weekend in the same round. Lol If anyone knows my course, all shanked off the tee at 4, 9 and 13. Immediately 3 off the tee for each. I could cry!
  8. BigEasyERGC

    The Open 2020 - Open For The Ages

    That was pretty poor and equalled by the result. Tiger with a bogey, par finish on final day? Bollox to that nonsense!
  9. BigEasyERGC

    Good quality lake balls

    What's the difference between lake balls and refurbished balls? For example, are refurbished pro v's basically proper pro v's re painted, etc. or are they in fact a lesser grade manufactured ball?
  10. BigEasyERGC

    questionable behavior (cheating)

    Many years back, when I was a young member at my first club. Played one of my first medals with a random member. Ball on the fairway, I clocked him move his ball back and to the side. I was walking up behind him and shouted "seeded divot?" which he turned round and gave me the thumbs up. He...
  11. BigEasyERGC

    To everyone in Scotland

    Thanks mate. Just another piece of bullsh*t we've had to deal with up here because we have a completely inept wee diddy "government" who think they're in control. Lol. Cheers 👍🏻
  12. BigEasyERGC

    Return to Golf in Scotland

    Too soon for 4 balls IMO. Purely out of concern that it would be abused by people who wouldn't respect the 2 household rule. Golfers going to remote clubs/courses thinking they can chance their arm.
  13. BigEasyERGC

    Return to Golf in Scotland

    A complete lack of self awareness as well? Rude and a complete lack of manners, as you say, great image for golfers, keep it up!(y) You went for a stroll last night, when it was teaming down with rain and howling with wind, haha funny that eh genius? Deary me! I am ecstatic like us all to be...
  14. BigEasyERGC

    Return to Golf in Scotland

    Haha how ignorant. You need to mind your mind your manners and you clearly don't get out much then if you haven't seen the outright disregard to social distancing. Selfish to want ONE extra round of golf per week when golf courses will likely be empty half the time, aye okay pal, jog on.
  15. BigEasyERGC

    Return to Golf in Scotland

    Absolutely and we have all compromised and continue to do so. Even 3 times a week and not being able to play twice on the same day would be reasonable for reintroducing the game. Some clubs could see all members playing twice a week and the course being left empty for the remainder of the...
  16. BigEasyERGC

    Return to Golf in Scotland

    Robster is it two balls max only? surely they haven't ruled out playing yourself? Lol. Also the playing two times max a week is a bit extreme! Disappointed.
  17. BigEasyERGC

    Staying hydrated on the course

    I always take a litre with me. 2 x metal flasks. Summer or winter, always hydrated!
  18. BigEasyERGC

    Staying hydrated on the course

    Paul's gonna lynch you if you start leaving your cans all over the course Robster! lol:ROFLMAO:
  19. BigEasyERGC

    Considering the current 2m social distancing, how many players to a Tee when we restart?

    3 balls shouldn't be an issue with suitable time between tee times to prevent congregations at the first. Personally I'm not comfortable at this stage of the virus to be playing in groups any bigger than a 2 ball.
  20. BigEasyERGC

    Return to Golf in Scotland

    Oh I absolutely disagree with them Mick but I also loathe the way they are running this country into the ground even with their limited executive powers. The constant scandal, corruption and their embarrassingly aggressive, xenophobic and petty behaviour is fitting reflection of that.