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    Waterproof bucket hat ??

    With all the wind and rain Saturday i was unable to put my umbrella up . As i normally do i wore my cap but eventually the rain start to go down my neck . So looking at maybe a bucket hat ... Anyone got one do they stop the rain down the neck If people can add what one they've got so i can have...
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    Galvin Green jacket -- Fake or Real??

    Was looking on E-bay for A gore-tex jacket. It says its Condition is "Used" but hardly worn in perfect condition . I stupidly made an offer of £70 without checking anything and they accepted within a few minutes. Im now worried its a fake or the condition isnt as great as they are say although...
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    Double sided tape --- DIY store ???

    Ive got some new grips arriving today but i forgot to order the tape. I cant wait so was going to get some from a DIY store Anyone bought some recently ive seen this...
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    Wrap grips ??

    My grips on my iron grips are in need of a change. My old Nike Vapor Driver had a Golf pride Wrap grip which i liked the feel but didnt have it that long . Whats peoples opinions who used them on wrap grips and are they ok in the rain thanks
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    Spain/Portugal Golf+Spa hotels or resort

    Looking to booking something with the wives around May 2020 over a long weekend .Golf for us ,spa etc for them . We are mid - high handicappers so the golf courses doesn't have to be high end Would it be better to book golf/spa/acommadation as a package and flights separate ?? I was hoping...
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    Cart bag with built-in rain cover??

    My callaway cart bag maybe Org?? has a built in rain cover which can be stored in its own little pocket at the bottom of the bag Do the new callaway bags or any other bags come with this as they dont mention it on the websites ?? Dry series bags are a bit out of my price range so looking for a...
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    Free Swing analysis-- Iphone/ipad

    I been suffering from the shanks/open club face after back injury ,so i had my first ever lesson .It turns out im suffering from early extension causing me hit it off the toe rather than the shank/open club face as i thought. He videoed me and drew some lines on the ipad showing me moving...
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    Grounding in bunker??

    If my ball is one side of a bunker and the rake is the other side .if I get the rake first and scoop up the rake handle with my club but in doing so touch the sand ,is that classed as grounding the club even though its 20-30ft from your ball Part 2 One or two of our bunkers share rakes.If...
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    Umbrella Holder

    I need to get a Umbrella holder for a Motocaddy S1 Pro Looks like the official one requires a accessory station as well so a total of £30 for both Are there any alternatives ?? ive seen this one...
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    Motocaddy squeaky wheels

    I bought a Used Motocaddy S1 Pro that looks in really good condition .The problem was that both wheels squeaked when you free wheel,, push with no power.I WD40'd the wheels to free them up and then followed a Video on the motocaddy website and was good for about 4 holes then the squeak...