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  1. GOLFER1994

    I bought today.....

    Great offer !! Seriously tempted even though im absolutely skint at the minute ! :ROFLMAO: Whats the 10% code ? (Just incase)
  2. GOLFER1994

    Win or Handicap cut

    I love the win! The main aim is to get the handicap down but its an awesome feeling getting the win! Especially when its a big tournament
  3. GOLFER1994

    Thorbjorn Olesen - Arrested

    Wow. He's had a nightmare there
  4. GOLFER1994

    Erik Anders Lang

    Again, Great videos !! Renaissance looks absolutely brutal. Can only imagine what i'd shoot round there !
  5. GOLFER1994

    Low Handicap v Chance to Win Things

    I feel similar. I play with a large group of old retired boys, of which i can hit my 5 iron their driver distance. Quite often i get the handicap comment but remind them i play weekly with them and in the same competitions ! I managed to win the Rabbits championship (16+ Handicap) last week and...
  6. GOLFER1994

    European Tour Social Media Pranks

    Hats off to their social media team. Really trying this year and i'm a big fan!
  7. GOLFER1994

    I played today and..(Rolling) -originally created by JohnnyDee

    It was yesterday now, but was the club championships. Im a 19 handicap so was in the "Rabbits Championship". Played reasonable, missed a few 4-6ft straight putts on the front but knew I was on or around handicap. Decided not to count my score up as i tend to overthink. Back 9, similar story...
  8. GOLFER1994

    I bought today.....

    WOW :love:
  9. GOLFER1994

    Just After A Friendly Round.

  10. GOLFER1994

    Golf memorobilia/ collectors

    Back to this.... I've been looking at ball markers and pitch mark repairers "Divot tools". Particularly keen on Scotty Cameron and Tyson Lamb items. Also going to pick up a flag or two for the wardrobe. Happily i've just picked up my first 2 Scotty Cameron tools this week! Ideal small items to...
  11. GOLFER1994

    Rory hits spectator on the jaw.

    Poor from Rory
  12. GOLFER1994

    Nike Clothing ** Price Drops

    Thats the Therma Core mate. Sold now though. Sorry!
  13. GOLFER1994

    I bought today.....

    :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO: Typically it goes 20-30yards up. Putting is not a strong point at the minute
  14. GOLFER1994

    I bought today.....

    Scotty Cameron pitch mark repairer ! (y)
  15. GOLFER1994

    Erik Anders Lang

    Great video (y)
  16. GOLFER1994

    Nike Clothing ** Price Drops

    DM'd mate ! (y)
  17. GOLFER1994

    Made In Denmark - Beer Tent

    I think its fantastic ! Adds a little bit more player fan interaction and a really original idea !
  18. GOLFER1994

    Under Armour - update on my order

    I've heard nothing and when i log online it is showing that I have no order history. Money was taken from the bank at the time and confirmation email received ! Let us know what arrives (y)
  19. GOLFER1994

    Nike Clothing ** Price Drops

    Good evening, Just selling a few bits that either don't fit me or don't suit me. All are brand new with tags and the prices include postage within UK. Feel free to PM me for pictures, willing to do a deal on multiple purchases. Nike Aeroreact windshirt size Large RRP £95.00 £35 Nike...