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  1. Imurg

    Do you count.?

    Yesterday I had a solo 9 holes before work. Took a few extra clubs out to try different set ups and shots. Hatched an experiment.... Neither Fragger or CVG noticed that I had 15 clubs in the bag today. I deliberately left an extra wedge in there - had no intention of using it and it wasn't a...
  2. Imurg

    RIP Eddie Van Halen

  3. Imurg

    Help! Keyboard goes AWOL

    Just recently every time I hit return or backspace on my Samsung Tablet the keyboard disappears..really annoying when you've made a spelling mistake and want to edit ..takes ages I've not, knowingly, changed any settings and have had the Tablet over a year and its only in the last couple of...
  4. Imurg

    Peter Green.....RIP

  5. Imurg

    Playing or not

    Will you or won't you..?
  6. Imurg

    Seve moments

    He left us 9 years ago today. Any moments that you remember..? Mine is when the B&H International was played at the Oxfordshire The 8th hole has a bit of a dog leg right to a green that's almost out in the lake. We managed to get between the ropes and the lake to watch Seve's approach As he...
  7. Imurg

    Milled or Insert?

    Putter preference..... Milled face or Insert face.? Smooth or bobbly (could be either) And why.. I'm trialling an Insert Odyssey against my Metal X Milled 7.... At the moment the MXM is just winning on solidness of strike..... Plus it's the bigger #7 head against the V-Line....I do prefer a #7...
  8. Imurg

    What a load of balls......

    With plenty of time on my hands I thought I'd sort through all the golf balls I've acquired down the years. Holy Mary....I didn't expect this many.. 3 dozen boxes and new TP5/Tour Soft 3 dozen Chromesoft of various shades of truvis and white - used but good nick ( going to a mate) 3 dozen Tour...
  9. Imurg

    Tim Brooke-Taylor RIP

    The virus got him. A true comic genius...:cry:
  10. Imurg

    Rose splits from Honma..?

    Got a full bag of TM on show at Arnie's event by all accounts....
  11. Imurg


    Well, the # countdown has been going for some time now... It's the countdown to me joining a new club. Went up this afternoon to part with the large amount of cash they required and was led to the Pro shop where I was issued with a club created polo shirt and a sleeve of ProV1x as well as a...
  12. Imurg

    Bad Golf

    Bad Golf YouTube channel is exactly that. 2 guys playing really bad golf but having a blast doing it. They play courses around my neck of the woods and have a season-long match. Dont go there looking for insightful tips or anything like that Just enjoy the really, really bad golf - something we...
  13. Imurg

    Here comes the rollback..maybe

    Is this the start of rolling back the equipment? Or a Bifurcation of equipment rules...
  14. Imurg

    Christmas time

    It can be a hard time for some. Don't forget to reach out to people you haven't heard from for a while And don't forget to reach out if you need to Were all one big family on here. It's ok to not be ok and it's good to talk. See you all on the other side(y):cool:
  15. Imurg

    Royal North Devon bans plastic tees

    All you pink/orange or White castle tee enthusiasts had better dump then if you're thinking of playing RND next year Plastic tees are banned from 1st Jan.
  16. Imurg

    Masters is off the Beeb

    Sky have announced they will be the exclusive live broadcaster of The Masters in the UK from 2020 So no weekend watching on BBC anymore. I trust they will show highlights though...
  17. Imurg

    Cold ball goes further.

    YouTubers TXG have shown that a cold ball actually goes further than a warm one We, obviously, don't swing as fast as Matt in the video so the difference will be less bit it does suggest that the theory of warming or keeping your ammo in the warm before you play is flawed. The major difference...
  18. Imurg

    Payne Stewart

    I put this in the Iconic TV moments thread but I think it deserves one of its own. Gone 20 years today - one of the true characters of the game
  19. Imurg

    The "Don't know whether to laugh or cry" thread

    Got the details for my new car through this afternoon. Now, I've been having that childish chortle when I've thought about it because it's going to be a "69" plate:whistle: First thing I noticed on the registration number was the first two letters...... My new car will have the number...
  20. Imurg

    Ping DLX cart bag

    Anyone got one? As good as it looks?