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    How many penalty shots?

    Player duffs tee shot, 80 yards short of River crossing fairway, plays 2nd shot then seen looking in banks of river, takes a pen drop tee side of river, next reaches his ball on fairway and plays it, then 20 yds on finds his first ball, both balls identical make/markings, am aware its a total...
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    Red Lined Penalty Areas.

    - you hit the ball into water (lost) take pen relief at point of last entry, am assuming you have to drop the ball outside the pen area ? in other words within 2 club lengths outside, or could you drop it on the red line and play it from there or would that be dropping it in the same pen area?
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    Conditions of a Competition

    Here is an odd one, Conditions stated games had to be played as 3 balls maximum - yet a number of groups with the permission of a ctee member played as 4 balls- do their Cards still count or what happens ?
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    Comps since lockdown any advice ?

    We start our comps again next week, wondering if any club has restricted their comps to the stableford format or medal, or limited groups to 2 or 3 balls, done anything that's improved or not that has helped keep the shorter times we were getting used to playing with 2 balls at 10 min intervals...
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    Jobs for the youngsters !

    Thousands of teenagers will have no jobs as we exit this lockdown, all they seem to be worried about is not seeing their friends, being able to go to the pub or concerts. The armed forces are advertising for recruits - all solveable bring back National Service - my old drill Sergeant would soon...
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    Garden Centre opening on Wednesday !

    seems that local totally outdoor garden centre re-opening will have the following restrictions, A one way walking system being applied no criss crossing from walkway to walkway, only couples being allowed access and at ten min intervals, at no time should you expect to be nearer than 20 odd...
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    Should those in the public eye resign for breaking lockdown rules?

    Professor Lockdown, hardly well known - resigned, a shame as his expertise be needed at the Virus Table, Kyle Walker a Nationally known Manchester City footballer has again (3 times) ignored the rules all should comply with to prevent this virus spreading, a round trip of around 80 miles to...
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    Local rule E 5- lost ball

    Does the application of the above still allow comps to be qualifyers, seem to recall suggestions it may not do so. Any Club actually applied this and what is their opinion of its results ?
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    2 clubs lengths relief

    When taking such relief can you use any club you wish (apart from long putters) or does it have to be with the longest club in your bag ?
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    Alterations to score card

    Q- is one allowed to make any changes to his score card after his marker has signed the card and without his knowledge. ie: player unaware his handicap has increased and records/plays off a lower amount, can he or anyone change this after the round has been completed.
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    Congu Rule 24-7 - Lost Handicap

    Rule 24-7 States a handicap is lost immediately one ceases to be a Member of an affiliated Club, I understand that should they join another Club within 12 months their handicap can be recovered, Question is - should they decide to rejoin the `same` Club say 3 to 6 months later, is their...
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    Stroke & Distance Rule.

    Could one when applying the above rule drop it on a wrong putting green or gur then take the appropriate free relief from there ?
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    Yellow Penalty Areas

    At Honda Classic - VJ took a drop (with Ref in attendance) using the last point of entry measured one club length sideways which seems to be as rules but this in fact resulted in him have a clear route to the flag taking the Pen area out of play, thought prev rules always required a Water Haz to...
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    No "FORE" + No Penalty

    Have just watched on tv the best golfers in the world totally ignoring the rules of etiquette, I was always taught that if you couldn`t see where your ball was going to land or heading towards someone that you should shout Fore, yet I saw an uncountable number of tee shots heading towards...
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    Rule 14 - free relief question.

    Can one when playing with preferred lies in operation be allowed to use say a hard distance ball for tee shots then when having a pref/lie near the Green to change it for a soft spin ball for a better feel to pitch or chip onto the Green ?
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    When does an immoveable obstruction become an immoveable one ?

    Yet again this week we saw a several cwt boulder being moved (a la tiger) by several spectators making an unplayable ball playable, in the post match interview it was said this was perhaps the benefit of being in a leading group followed by many spectators, insinuating that those in a minor...
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    No longer required to mark a balls position for free relief!

    apologies if already discussed but can find no sign of it. As you no longer need to mark the balls position before relief from say a preferred lie and as you may clean your ball when doing this I wonder how many having lifted, turned to their bag and towelled it clean, now know the exact spot...
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    Book of Decisions

    am prob being tick but is there a new Book of Decisions with Rules 30+ included being published ?
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    What is the best way to have 30+ hcaps in Comps.

    We are now getting a few 30-40 handicappers playing in Comps, with howls of protest from some members stating they can`t compete against those with 2 shots per hole. What is the best or allowable way to retain a max of 28 for prize winning purposes in Comps. Do we/can we- state max 28 allowable...
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    Texas Scramble Cards dq`d ?

    4 man texas scramble - one card returned was not signed -= team dq`d - question is why dq`d and what is the reasoning behind such.