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    Mizuno MP20 HMB 5+Pw

    Gutted to be selling these but new baby means less golf so these have to go. Nippons 105 reg shafts and golf pride multicompound grips. £675 delivers with UPS. Any questions just ask. Cheers
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    WTD Arccos

    Hi, Does anyone have an Arccos system they don't use that they would be willing to sell on? Thanks
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    Tour X Golf

    Has anyone been to the tour X golf facility in Wigan? Thinking about pushing the boat out and having a full bag fitting here. Have been told this done over 3 sessions which is really good. Does anyone the club's are built on site and given to you on the day or do they order them...
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    FS Every shot counts book

    The book by Mark Brodie, the guy who invented shots gained. Cover is marked a little but all pages in perfect condition with no markings etc. £20 plus £3 delivery. These are going for circa £35 Cheers
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    Arccos caddie link

    Just seen the videos go live on youtube for this. Also seems the website has been updated. Has anyone Pre ordered one of these? Looks like we can purchase from today?
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    Superspeed/swingspeed golf training aids.

    Has anybody got any experience using either of these products? All the YouTube vids etc show the initial gains but no follow up videos. If be interested to know if this works in the long run and how much people are gaining. For such little effort It seems good gains could be made.
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    M3 driver weight?!

    Anywhere know where I can pick up a spare weight for the back of my M3 driver? I've tried to contact Taylormade but no response. Cheers
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    Last min so not expecting any luck but is anyone around for a knock at Ganton tonight? I'm working around the area and looking to tee off about 6.
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    Electric vehicle owners?

    Does anyone on the forum have a full electric vehicle (not hybrid) I'm thinking about purchasing a Hyundai ioniq and would be interested in hearing how your all getting on. Cheers
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    WTD British masters spider x headcover

    Massive longshot but does anyone have ones of these or maybe one of your PP has one?
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    Fusarium and time it takes to grow out?

    Our course has been suffering since last autum with fusarium. At the moment we have no communication with the greenkeepers but the general rumour is people saying we need the warm weather to arrive for it to grow out. We now look to have some decent temps so does anyone know how long this does...
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    WTB Ping g400 hybrid

    Anyone got one they are looking to shift? Most lofts considered
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    How long to get used to new irons?

    Hi guys, I've just receive do my new irons after my first custom fitting and have gone from heavy stiff shafts to a lighter reg shaft . Been out on the course with them tonight and struggling with them I'm hoping it's due to not playing for ten days but part of me has a nagging feeling about the...
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    P790 gapping?

    One for everyone rocking the p790s . I noticed the lofts start to increase to about 5 degree gaps towards the 9 iron and pW just wondering if any of you are noticing big gaps in yardage towards that end of your bag and with the extra distance is it more towards 7 iron down or is the pw flying...
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    Mizuno MMC irons 4-Pw used twice max

    Bought by my wife as a wedding present but wrong shafts for me. These are 4-Pw nippon 120 stiff shafts hardly used and in immaculate condition. Having difficulty uploading pics so dm if interested anf I can what’s app pics. I will try pics again on here later. Looking for £600 which will...
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    Best time to buy irons?

    In the market for some new irons but before I splash the cash does anyone know when the likely price drops occur and when the new sets are due. Don’t want to spend on a new set then a few months down the line a new set is out and they’ve been put in the sale .
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    P790 or Mp MMC

    Looking at upgrading my irons and these two are the faves. I have got a fitting booked in but interested to hear peoples opinions who maybe own them or have tried them? Heard great things about the p790 but some say they are hard to stop on greens where as some people say the MMC are a bit weak...
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    Ryder cup timings

    Does anyone know what time the first group will tee off on the Friday of this years ryder cup? Debating booking the day off work but if it’s afternoon tee times I won’t need too. Cheers
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    WTB Ping g400

    Asking for a friend who’s after a g400 or g400 max pref stiff shaft but not essential. Cheers
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    5 dozen tp5x

    Brand new unwanted prize from company Golf day 5 dozen looking for £30 per box. Or will discount if multiple bought at same time. Any questions just ask.