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    Playing in opens rules

    I have seen that many in other groups in Opens not playing to the rules have come to the conclusion that its a cheap day out at another Course but have no expectations of ever Winning. presumably the result of allowing visiting 4 balls play together when none of them know the rules or don`t...
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    Playing from the teeing rea

    someone once told me that when you play off a tee whether your tee or not, you should not replace a divot as it could give someone following an unstable lie? useless bit of trivia !
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    Gur question please

    r 16 - nearest point of complete relief in the general area - page 135.
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    Advice question please

    Don`t think that Questions regarding the Rules are not forbidden as they are public knowledge.
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    Taking shelter from rain

    What would one do IF ALL the Groups decided to shelter/wait for the downpour to pass ? sometimes its that bad all one can do is hide under an umbrella.
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    How many penalty shots?

    Jim - thank you very much for your detailed responses, had to read them a couple of times but now understand the processes - tnks.
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    How many penalty shots?

    After crossing the River the player and fellow opponent came to a ball, apparently the player thought he had hit it further with his last shot but was the ball he was using with his id on it so he played it, then a further 30 yds on came across an identical ball (also his), he then claimed the...
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    How many penalty shots?

    Here is what I did - tell me if correct or not. 1st -tee shot, 2nd towards/over Pen Area, 3rd shot pen drop, 4th shot from drop, then find his 2nd shot (Original ball) add 2 pen shots = 6, 7th shot to green, one putt total 8. Bear in mind we are holding up at least 2 groups some capable of...
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    How many penalty shots?

    earlier post - but not from me as prov would have to have been played from where he hit the 2nd shot and before he looked in the pen area.
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    How many penalty shots?

    Not a prov (can`t play such knowing ball is in pa) not in earshot but had to be pen drop, prov would have req`d him to go back some 70 yds where he hit 2nd shot from not 2 yards behind pen area.
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    How many penalty shots?

    1st a v.short tee shot, 2nd intended to clear the pen area and land short of the green which has a pond in front of it. he then looked for the 2nd shot in the pen area, pen drop and played over it., the 1st ball they found was from his 2nd shot which obviously was not in the pen area, 2nd ball...
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    How many penalty shots?

    Player duffs tee shot, 80 yards short of River crossing fairway, plays 2nd shot then seen looking in banks of river, takes a pen drop tee side of river, next reaches his ball on fairway and plays it, then 20 yds on finds his first ball, both balls identical make/markings, am aware its a total...
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    Red Lined Penalty Areas.

    He actually dropped it ON the line twice not outside it.
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    Red Lined Penalty Areas.

    Yes - he made a point of pointing to the line before twice dropping it on the line and both time picking it up, next time he was seen and he was playing from off the line leaving a divot hole clearly showing where he had played from presumably having placed it there. can`t believe nobody picked...
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    Red Lined Penalty Areas.

    - you hit the ball into water (lost) take pen relief at point of last entry, am assuming you have to drop the ball outside the pen area ? in other words within 2 club lengths outside, or could you drop it on the red line and play it from there or would that be dropping it in the same pen area?
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    Conditions of a Competition

    That's what I thought - thanks
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    Conditions of a Competition

    Here is an odd one, Conditions stated games had to be played as 3 balls maximum - yet a number of groups with the permission of a ctee member played as 4 balls- do their Cards still count or what happens ?
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    My first Handicap

    I think you are only expected to play to your handicap 30% of the time, it`s something you achieve when you have a good round.
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    Comps since lockdown any advice ?

    We start our comps again next week, wondering if any club has restricted their comps to the stableford format or medal, or limited groups to 2 or 3 balls, done anything that's improved or not that has helped keep the shorter times we were getting used to playing with 2 balls at 10 min intervals...
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    Golf Random Irritations

    The Plonker at Sky Golf tv who decided to play music whilst commentators are talking, If I wanted to listen to music I`d put the radio one.