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    Product guarantee and Ebay sellers

    I bought a new mobile phone (Motog 8 plus) from ebay last November. The battery has stopped charging (sealed unit so cannot change the battery). I contacted the seller, thinking that I still have 3 moths guarantee left on the device but his reply was “I'm not a retailer or shop and as such I...
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    Pay & Play in London

    Hi, I did a quick search on the forum but could find anything relevant. I'm meeting a friend in central London next Friday and we would like to play a game somewhere in London (as close to central London as possible). Any suggestions would be appreciated. I forgot to add that we may need to hire...
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    HC going up mid competition. Is it right?

    I recently played a pairs better ball inter club competition. There were 2 pairs from our club and we both ended up with 44 points (a winning score). My pair would have won on count back but one of the lads in the other pair had done badly in previous day's comp. When we started we were both on...
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    One-legged golfer sues council-run course for discrimination Beggars belief either way, but I thought you only needed a doctor's not if playing in a comp.
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    CONGU Unified HC System Manual?

    Hi, I wonder if someone could help. My first full year as club secretary, so fairly new to the job. I've been tasked with getting hard copies of the latest manual. Our current copy is quite old and no one seems to remember how we used to get it. Is it something I could request from CONGU on...
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    Switching utility suppliers

    Decided to switch suppliers. Found TOTOEnergy on Money Saving web site. It promissed to cut £588 per year from my gas/electricit bills. Switch over completed on 2nd December. On 4th December I get an email saying they are put up prices and my bill will increase by almost £500 per year and this...
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    Moving clubs

    Hi, I guess this might have been answered before - I did a search but with no joy. I'm in the process of moving clubs but want to still be a member of the old club for another year. What is the usual process of the transfer of my handicap from one to another? Are there set procedures...
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    Disciplinary sub committee matters

    A member has been disciplined by a sub committee. He is trying to lodge an appeal against the decision. If the sub committee thinks that his reasons for an appeal are frivolous and he is basically "clutching at straws", can they refuse the appeal or does the fact he has lodged an appeal force an...
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    Dropping the ball

    Hi, I was playing in a cup match today and my FC hit his tee shot into a thick bush on the side of the fairway. This bush/tree is not marked in any way or form. He found his ball in the middle of the "jungle". He then declared his ball unplayable and said he could go back as far a he wants, in...
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    Is Explanar any good.

    I was thinking of getting a second hand one. I have a big problem with slicing the ball especially with the driver. This piece of training kit looks the business, it is claimed. Has anyone here actually used one of these and if so, what did you think of it. Is it worth the investment. A brand...