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    Rory’s “birdie blitz” and Masters hopes

    Ha Ha! Old expression about Yorkshiremen. "You can say what you like to a Yorkshireman........but you can't TELL him anything!!"
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    Rory’s “birdie blitz” and Masters hopes

    He's still quite young, I will allow him the odd outburst. Haven't seen him snapping his clubs......yet!! And as he's from Yorkshire, he will generally "tell it how it is"!!
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    Rory’s “birdie blitz” and Masters hopes

    You can't deny Rory's incredible talent. Sadly, I have no time for the man, and it's nothing to do with him being from Northern Ireland, I have many friends there. When I saw him snap his club t'other day, I was incensed. What an incredibly bad example he sets to youngsters coming into the...
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    Handicaps- "Equal" Chance or Winning, Regardless of Ability?

    Well, writing from the viewpoint of my club, I honestly don't know anyone who's handicap is not a fair reflection of their ability.I think the 0.1 plus a handicap committee has served us well over the years. And as for seniors, I am close to 70, and have just got down to my lowest ever handicap...
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    World Handicap System (WHS)

    If it is THAT easy, how come there's 62 pages of discussion on the subject? IMHO it is not that easy.
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    World Handicap System (WHS)

    Sixty One pages of WHS facts, theories, and disagreements.......and I'm still no wiser, and I don't think I'm alone. I'm only 20 years into golf, I started quite late in life, but I have NEVER found the present Congu system to be far out. I could explain the system of .1 upwards, and reductions...
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    WHS Handicap Index - Finally Revealed

    Sorry if this has already been raised......but did I read that each Club HAS to have a handicap committee for the WHS? Just saying, as our club has not had one for years, probably 5-6 years. Will that matter? As an aside, this whole WHS changeover is starting to look like a right mess. There...
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    Golf after Heart Attack

    They told me that it was likely to be genetic, as my father suffered a heart attack aged 62 in 1967. Sadly they didn't have stents in those days, so he never fully recovered.
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    Could you make six birdies for £20k?

    I've had three in four holes last year, but that was a red letter day.
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    Golf after Heart Attack

    Interesting. I had a heart attack whilst playing golf at Guadalhorce near Malaga in November 2018. Managed to get on the plane that night, feeling terrible, and got back to Bradford. Next day, I had one stent inserted at Bradford Royal Infirmary, where the attention i received was superb. I was...
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    Long lasting leather gloves

    Taylor Made gloves are the best and longest lasting that I have ever tried. Very satisfied, and wouldn't be purchasing anything else.......I bought a dozen to keep me going!!
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    The death of the snooker room

    I've seen a few snooker tables at clubs in my area of Yorkshire, over the years, but I DO believe they're all gone. I think Royal Lytham still have theirs. Interestingly, I have a full size table upstairs, and guess what, I never use it!! The grandchildren love it, but just roll balls up and...
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    At Last

    It sounds just like our 11th: 433 off the whites, with a ditch diagonally running across the fairway about 45 yards short of the green. I've played it for 17 years, and I've only had a handful of pars, but the other day I hit a particularly good drive, and decided to go for it with a five wood...
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    Should courses ban adizero

    I actually don't give a damn what my PP is wearing on their long as I'm beating them! Seriously, folk don't wear these trainer style shoes if they are no bloomin' use. I wear proper cleated golf shoes, and I don't think I will change in the immediate future. I have played some top...
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    Woodhall Spa - The Hotchkin

    Excellent summary of a typical round at Woodhall Spa. I've played it once a year for the last 16 years, and I LOVE it!!
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    World Handicap System (WHS)

    Playing Monifieth, Carnoustie Burnside, Montrose, Edzell, and Pumpherston next month. Clitheroe, Fixby, Moortown, and Ilkley, over the next few weeks. I would call that a fair selection of courses. But surely, it's irrelevant that I get extra shots, as I'm playing against my friends who have a...
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    World Handicap System (WHS)

    Agreed totally. So far, I think it is Swango who has given me the only positive....viz "it 's better when playing in foreign countries".....or words to that effect. How on earth we can attract youngsters and other new golfers into this wonderful game, with this new system beats me. Admittedly...
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    Story of a Golf Club

    Very well presented video. I must make the effort to go and play Silloth. Haven't been near the town since we used to race motorcycles there in the mid 70s.
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    How I Became a Single Figure Golfer in 2 Years!

    No nasty comments from me........just pure envy!! I got down to 11.3 in four years, and now, THIRTEEN YEARS later, I'm at 11.5, having never been lower than 11.3, and never higher than 13.5. So congratulations, I shall have to watch your video!
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    Letham Grange.

    Such a shame. We played there on our annual Scottish Tour back in 2014, and the writing was on the wall then. From memory, there was a mix of good and average holes. We played on a dismal foggy day, and the place could hardly have looked more depressing. I would love to have played there in its...