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  1. mikejohnchapman

    A View of the Future - Most Likely Score

    Whilst not in general use in GB&I, Ireland are trialling its use so clubs and players should be aware of this provision should they play overseas or in Ireland. The full details are taken from Interpretation 3.3/1 (included in the Rules for jurisdictions that use MLS). Scores returned in match...
  2. mikejohnchapman

    WHS Handicap Tables for 9 Hole Courses

    We have 3 9 hole courses which are both used in combination and as individual 9s. We have been issued 6 course handicap tables from England Golf (3X9 + 3X18) but the 3 nines are actually 18 hole tables giving a full allowance for your Handicap Index. We want these to be the 9 hole tables but...
  3. mikejohnchapman

    Foresomes - Oh What Fun!

    We are playing a qualifier for the Daily Mail foresomes on Sunday - first Foresome competition since lockdown. Thought it would be necessary to have a protocol for not sharing each others golf ball. First couple of drafts read like a script for a carry on film :ROFLMAO: The EG site was a bit...
  4. mikejohnchapman

    No Returns - Policy vs Reality

    With WHS getting closer we are looking at our NR policy. I have read the CONGU manual but in reality I don't believe we currently follow this process as the normal sanction of +0.1 applies anyway in the vast majority of cases. I suspect a lot of time cards are not returned at all. Thus we need...
  5. mikejohnchapman

    Penalty Area Stakes in the Covid Era

    We have all of our penalty areas defined by red stakes and in normal times if these interfere with a stroke they can be removed and then replaced after the shot. Currently they are defined as an immovable obstruction and you should drop away from them in the normal manner. I presume if you...
  6. mikejohnchapman

    Migrating / Implementing a New Handicapping System

    We are in the process of migrating our old system to the Club2000 V1 system. The advice we have been given is it will take 2 days (having taken a back-up before starting). Generally we have been told it should be transparent and we won't need to do anything post-implementation to verify the...
  7. mikejohnchapman

    Adjusting Handicaps When Playing Non-Qualifying Competitions

    Like many clubs in this post-lockdown period we have started playing competitions but have made them non-qualifying to avoid having to process the cards via computer. All have been individual stableford competitions over a measured course played to the modified CONGO rules re bunkers, flags...
  8. mikejohnchapman

    Handicap Committee Terms of Reference

    Our club is considering moving to a Handicap Committee covering all sections of the club vs the current Handicap Secretaries. Does anyone have a written terms of reference or constitution for a Handicap Committee or even a roles and responsibilities document they are willing to share? Thanks...
  9. mikejohnchapman

    WHS Course Handicap Tables

    Has anyone given any thought as to the best way to display these when WHS comes in? We have 3 9s + 3 combinations X 2 or 3 tees for the men. Therefore there will be 13 tables to be displayed somewhere. As well as the space required the chance to read the wrong combination of course / tee...
  10. mikejohnchapman

    Indicative Handicap Indexes

    In light of the delays to competitions due to the lock-down is anyone aware when we are likely to see indicative Handicap Indexes being released by England Golf. I thought from the roadshows CDH holders would get and eMail detailing their HI vs current exact handicap in June but have heard /...
  11. mikejohnchapman

    Identifying a fake Club

    I am a fully paid up member of the "if it looks too good to be true is probably isn't true" club. However, I have been offered a brand new TM M6 driver for a very silly price. I have the club on approval (can't hit it for obvious reasons at present). Is there any way you can chack authenticity...
  12. mikejohnchapman

    Club2000 and WHS

    Has anyone got any insight as to when demonstrations / documentation about the WHS version of Club2000 will be available?
  13. mikejohnchapman

    WHS and Supplementary Scores in 2020

    I appreciate that come the glorious revolution all scores will we treated equally :) However, I was asked by our Handcap Committee what advice they should be passing on during this playing season. Other than general education etc. I suggested they should be encouraging members to play in as...
  14. mikejohnchapman

    WHS Introduction Flyer

    We renew our subscriptions in March and I wanted to include a 1 page flyer with the letters to give an overview of the WHS as the start of the education process. Before generating something I wondered if anyone else had produced a simple members overview I could steal with pride!
  15. mikejohnchapman

    Relief in Penalty Area

    I was asked a question which I thought I knew the answer to but the more I thought about it I wasn't sure. Scenario is that a ball is played over a lake and fails to clear the far side. Player goes forward to check in case it skipped out as it was very near the edge. Finds the ball in the...
  16. mikejohnchapman

    WHS and Acceptable Rounds

    Getting my head around the WHS and was looking at what constitutes an Acceptable Round for handicap purposes. From the latest England Golf presentation it's pretty simple: Rounds played: •In an authorized format of play; •Over a minimum number of holes; •By the Rules of Golf; •In the company of...
  17. mikejohnchapman

    Tractor Tyre Marks

    With courses getting so soft in the bad weather I was trying to find reference to whether relief would be given to an Abnormal Ground Condition in the form of a tractor tread mark. Not on a path or an area designated as a path used multiple times by green staff, just a ball lying in a tread make...
  18. mikejohnchapman

    Standing on Through Line of Putt

    I was playing in a foresomes match yesterday and our opponents lined up a putt with one player behind the ball and the other behind the hole. No problem with this but as the player took his stance to hit the putt his partner only took two steps to the side to observe the putt. It made me...
  19. mikejohnchapman

    Club Broken During Play

    During a recent county match one of our team broke the shaft on his 4 iron whilst playing a shot. Our non-playing captain offered to get his own club to be used as a substitute and disappeared in his buggy to get it. Play continied and when the club arrived the opponent objected. A referee was...
  20. mikejohnchapman

    Substituting a Lost Ball

    During a recent 4BBB match my playing partner marked my ball that I had chipped onto the green. He tried to throw it back to me but the ball missed my football style trap and bounced into a water filled penalty area next to the green. Much amusement until one of our opponents said that unless we...