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  1. mikejohnchapman

    Sales timing

    Suspect if you are in the car park at Bearwood Lakes on Monday afternoon there may be some bargains on offer!
  2. mikejohnchapman

    A View of the Future - Most Likely Score

    Whilst not in general use in GB&I, Ireland are trialling its use so clubs and players should be aware of this provision should they play overseas or in Ireland. The full details are taken from Interpretation 3.3/1 (included in the Rules for jurisdictions that use MLS). Scores returned in match...
  3. mikejohnchapman

    World Handicap System (WHS)

    We have 6 variations on courses based on 3 nine hole loops. All are used for qualifying competitions throughout the season. They are defined in our handicap software by name as well as by tee, par & SSS. I have recently input these into the England Golf database as requested but the naming...
  4. mikejohnchapman

    World Handicap System (WHS)

    OK we are going to have to disagree on this one i'm afraid. If the new system spits out a 25 HI for a Cat 2 player I don't need a hard cap to show this needs looking at in detail. If they have played 20 QUALIFYING rounds since November I suspect the majority will be post-lockdown when...
  5. mikejohnchapman

    World Handicap System (WHS)

    I'm not sure what point you are making. WHS is supposed to reflect how you are playing now - not your best period a couple of years ago. If you cannot play to your UHS handicap now and keep going up by 0.1 surely it should be reset to a more realistic level?
  6. mikejohnchapman

    World Handicap System (WHS)

    But if they have played "20 scores in the last couple of months" why go back to 2018. The Caps apply to the lowest point in the last 12 months and as there were few qualifiers over last winter going back further is largely irrelevant. If they gave us time the handicap committees can look at...
  7. mikejohnchapman

    World Handicap System (WHS)

    Really? why would they do that? We have lots of players who have been putting in qualifying and supplementary scores since lockdown and have 20+ scores to populate their playing records. Why go back to 2018 when it's not necessary? I think by far a bigger issue is the use of default CR & SR...
  8. mikejohnchapman

    Option when organising a 4BBB pairs comp

    Agree, pick a handicap somewhere in the middle of the group for the ghost player and calculate afterwards. Not perfect but best compromise.
  9. mikejohnchapman

    Grass Cuttings

    Sorry you are right - was focused on the dro[[ed on error bit rather than BAU
  10. mikejohnchapman

    Grass Cuttings

    I think you would treat it as a loose impediment and clear the sand around the ball.
  11. mikejohnchapman

    First Handicap Allocation - Cat 1

    Funnily enough I had to do this last week. Worked a treat
  12. mikejohnchapman

    WHS course rating

    They can be however it appears most clubs opted for the current standards of men's and womens tees being assessed for their specific gender. It can be changed but suspect it will happen after WHS introduction in most cases as a lot of money has been spent on cards, notices, etc. A big missed...
  13. mikejohnchapman

    WHS Handicap Tables for 9 Hole Courses

    I understand - this is just frustrating to me as we are making it more complex than it needs to be. Why publish a conversion table that we will never use? We never play the same 9 twice in a competition and visitors are never booked on the same 9 either. Our 3 9s have even SI on one nine, odds...
  14. mikejohnchapman

    WHS Handicap Tables for 9 Hole Courses

    Yes each 9 has been rated - the issue is not the rating it's the table provided by England Golf to concert HI to CH. If I apply a 4.0 handicap index it says my CH is 5 - but I don't get 5 shots in 9 holes - should I get 3?
  15. mikejohnchapman

    WHS Handicap Tables for 9 Hole Courses

    We have 3 9 hole courses which are both used in combination and as individual 9s. We have been issued 6 course handicap tables from England Golf (3X9 + 3X18) but the 3 nines are actually 18 hole tables giving a full allowance for your Handicap Index. We want these to be the 9 hole tables but...
  16. mikejohnchapman

    World Handicap System (WHS)
  17. mikejohnchapman

    Advice question please

    Obviously you need to tell them not to say things that would constitute advice but if they keep doing it you need to either keep telling them or walk away. Smacks of gamesmanship intended to put you off your game.
  18. mikejohnchapman

    Strategy during one of those rounds

    Have one club you can rely on to get off the tee. If all else isn't working your confidence in your goto club will keep you moving forward.
  19. mikejohnchapman

    Software to process 'Casual formats'

    Good point - we play a lot of Bowmaker comps in the winter as well as variations on scrambles, etc.