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    Number of putts per round

    Noticed a stat for this I hadn't seen before on hole19. Checked and my most recent round was 35 putts for a full 18. Was ridiculously happy with that. Got me thinking, what is the average for a handicap golfer, so what's your usual? If you have a HCP, would be good to know what it is too to...
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    Links golf

    Playing my first ever links course today. Anyone got any tips? So far I've seen keep the ball low, and take one iron higher than you need but take a bit off the swing
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    Utility iron

    I've got space for one club in the bag and tempted to give a utility iron a go. Never had one before, and currently bottom of bag goes driver 10.5 adjustable so usually on around 11.5, 4W at 17, and then 4H at 22. Used to have a 3H at 19 when I first started that I liked, but the head is huge...
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    Lincolnshire courses - Skegness area

    Going to be off work in a couple of weeks and will be staying in Lincolnshire near Skegness on the first week of August for a couple of days with the plan being to get a few rounds in and trying some new courses (I'm from Manchester area). Would be within about 30-40 mins drive of Skegness that...
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    Surface scratches on club face

    Taken the new 4 wood to the range tonight to try it out. Club does exactly what I wanted it to, but the clubface has scratched a little after hitting 40 range balls. Only cosmetic, so not the end of the world as it won't impact the shots, but not what you want after just spending £100 on a used...
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    Late opening driving ranges - Manchester area

    With the Trafford range being closed at least for the next couple of weeks, does anyone know of any late opening driving ranges in or around Manchester? I've found a couple that close at 8, but could do with something closer to the 10 Trafford had
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    Cobra F9 5W

    Found one for sale 2nd hand good condition I'm tempted by Anyone got one who can give me a review?
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    Can anyone give me any feedback on Adams tight lies woods? I want something around 16-17.5° to fill a gap in the bag. I like my 5 wood, but loft is too close to 3H. Found a tight lies 16° in good condition. Think it is 'tight lies 2'. Likely other option would be a cobra 3-4 for around twice...
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    Top end of the bag

    Been struggling a bit with what set up to go with at the top end of the bag I've got an adjustable driver set to 11.5° A 3w at 15° A 5w at 18° A 3H at 19° 3w currently out of the bag because I'm not hitting it very well Been carrying 5w and 3h, with 5w mainly being used off the tee on...
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    Iron set wanted

    High handicapper looking for some irons 5-pw ideally but 6-pw is fine Regular flex only No blades 😂 Similar shape to M4 irons would be ideal. Not got a hard price limit in mind, that would depend on the club's. Please include your asking price and photos with any comments, thanks
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    2nd hand club shops

    First time back on here today after about 12 months. Caught the bug again a bit. Was about to replace my irons before I had a break from playing. Now I've started getting out there again I'm reminded of why I wanted to upgrade. Would probably be looking at 2nd hand due to budget and ability...
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    Inesis Tour 900

    Was in Decathlon yesterday and saw these. Appeared to be like their your ball offering. Seem decent at £19.99/doz. Has anyone on here used them before? Are they worth getting? And what's the compression like?
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    Someone crashed into the back of my car at the start of the month and gave me whiplash. Not feeling up to getting back on the range/course yet but absolutely killing me not being able to. Anyone else had similar and if they did how long did it take to get back out there? And does anyone have...
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    Decent balls

    Reached a point where I'm not losing many so think I might give a slightly more expensive ball a try. Used Wilson DX2, Callaway Supersoft, and Titleist DT Trusoft previously. Been suggested to try the Titleist Toursoft, but does anyone else have any suggestions? Not looking for pro V or tp5...
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    Bidding on some drivers. Never normally use eBay. Is there any way of finding out what the reserve is? Says not met on a couple of them but don't want to just keep increasing my bid until I see what the reserve is because I'd be committed to pay that highest bid then
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    Range Vs course

    Been hitting the range for the last couple of weeks after not playing for a couple of months because of a back injury, and been hitting both driver and 3 wood really well off the tee. My driver has always had a huge slice but 3 wood is normally very reliable. Went back on the course yesterday...
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    Seen they have some decent prices online and going to be in the Ellesmere port area on Tuesday so thought I might as well pop in. Has anyone been before? And if you have are there any bargains to be had or is it the same stock at the same prices you can find in any other shop?
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    Cheapest bags

    Topic came up on another thread so decided to start one Seen plenty of what's in the bag posts where there are some really expensive sets people get envious of. To put a different spin on it, what are the cheapest full bags? Must be a bag full of clubs you've bought, no freebies, and include...
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    Starting lessons once a little injury has cleared up. In your opinion, would I be better off having lessens regularly and often, or having a gap between to work on things I've been taught? I've seen people saying if you have them too often half of what you're taught gets forgotten as it's too...
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    2 piece/3 piece

    Not been playing very long and my bad shot is a slice. Been told to avoid 3 piece balls as they are likely to spin more and make my slice worse, but found a TM project A on the course recently and was much straighter using that even though it's a 3 piece. Anyone any suggestions why? And might...