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  1. shun_naka


    I’ve got a sudden bout of knee tendinitis following some hard running over the last few months. First hurt it around 2 weeks ago and took a total break from all hard activity. Seemed to help and midweek I had a great lesson and range session, felt like a huge improvement in my swing. Knee...
  2. shun_naka

    1 hour v 30min lesson

    Whats the verdict on this? Looking to get some refresher lessons booked in as my game since returning to golf after a 3 year hiatus is shocking. I feel like it'll be basically building my swing from scratch again. 30mins is 30 pounds and an hour is 45. Not sure what the best option to go for...
  3. shun_naka

    boring golf to break 100

    Hi all, Ive posted on here recently that my immediate aim is to break 100 (currently lowest at 108, last round was 114) and get my 37 handicap down to something a bit more respectable (29?). I played yesterday and even though i tried to be conservative I still had too many blow up holes and I...
  4. shun_naka

    Carrying, trolley or cart?

    What do you use? I used to carry my clubs all the time but i've made use recently of a circa 30 year old trolley and dont know if i can go back to carrying - getting far to used to the ease on my shoulders and back. Although i do look a bit strange on the course with such an old rusty trolley...
  5. shun_naka

    Competitions/opens/sweeps/roll ups/medals?

    As a golf club newbie, whats the difference between all these? We have competitions on saturdays, sweeps on sundays & thursdays, monthly medals and theres talk of opens and roll ups. Its all rather confusing!...and a bit of an embarrassing question to ask!
  6. shun_naka

    Handicap tracking thread

    Got my first handicap through yesterday (a shocking 37) so thought a thread to track everyone's progress would be a good idea Hoping to knock it down it high 20s soon, that seems more respectable than 37!
  7. shun_naka

    Golf balls for beginners/very high handicappers

    What’s the verdict? I’m still a very high handicapper (aiming to get under 100 still on rounds) and say I’d lose on average less than 1 Ball a round What is best to do? Buy new cheap balls (srixon distance seem good value), buy good new balls for slightly more money (srixon ad333) or buy very...
  8. shun_naka

    Going to try out some hybrids today

    At my local American golf. Promised myself I wouldn't buy anything else golf related for a while but seriously struggling with my irons lower than a 5 and I've never even tried a hybrid before...let's see what it's like!
  9. shun_naka

    Playing in the rain

    Playing tomorrow AM and as fate would have it, my waterproofs haven’t arrived in time and it’s going to be pouring down I’ll be playing with an old ‘waterproof’ kagool and i Be bringing an umbrella. Planning on bringing an extra towel with a couple of pairs of extra gloves inside a sealed bag...
  10. shun_naka

    New rules at golf club - am I right to be annoyed?

    Currently Saturday competitions are played all day Saturday with an overspill Sunday morning. Competition tee times are first come first served, tee times become available at 7pm on a Monday. But they’re now changing it to only over a Saturday only, with a draw for tee times taking place in...
  11. shun_naka

    Where to buy decent cheap lake balls?

    running out of the collected balls I’ve found throughout playing and think it’s time to grab some more No need for pro v1s or the likes as I’m still losing plenty of balls, just looking for some cheap bulk lake balls to buy in bulk (say around 30/40 balls)
  12. shun_naka

    Used an old, hardly used 5 wood tonight

    And it was a dream. I usually always go for my driver off the tee and in my quest to break 100 I've decided not to use it for my next round and try a 4 or 5 iron off the tee I went to the range tonight and brought my irons along with my Callaway v series 5 iron and v series heavenwood...I got...
  13. shun_naka

    Wearing non "golfing" waterproofs

    So i've posted on here looking for some reasonably priced waterproofs, and nearly every option coming back seems very expensive for whats actually needed. Has anyone any experience of wearing non golfing waterpoofes (ie a hill walking jacket?) or similar and has any advice? Really cant see why...
  14. shun_naka

    BRS - "You do not have permission to book a tee time"

    Anyone else get this message when they try to book a certain timeslot? (outside of competitions) I seem to get it for any weekend slot that is outwith competition hours. Strangely i expected to see it when trying to book a competition (as i dont have a handicap yet) but that seems to let me...
  15. shun_naka

    Best waterproofs

    Looking for a set of waterproofs Under 100. I'm leaning towards the decathlon inesis set for 90 quid but not sure what else is out there Looking to get a set that I can wear away from the golf course too, on long walks etc
  16. shun_naka

    Where do you buy cheap golf clothing?

    I know it’s peak season but generally where do people buy their golf clothing? Thinking 1/4 zips and waterproofs.
  17. shun_naka

    help me find my gaps!

    so going through my bag just now and i've realised i've got a few gaps in the <100 yards range Ping G20 irons - 9 Iron - 40 degree loft - 130 yards(ish) PW - 45 degree loft - 110 yards SW - 54 degree loft - rarely use if i'm being honest mainly in bunkers. I was thinking about a 52 degree...
  18. shun_naka

    Golf documentaries

    We’ve had the Chicago bulls documentary, the Man City documentary and the infamous Sunderland till I die, but what golf documentary would you like to see made? And are there any that have been made that you’d recommend to watch?
  19. shun_naka

    Old tech you still use

    Getting my golf clubs shipped over and it made me think about the various bits of tech i use and keep that i've become used to & even though theres newer equipment, can't see myself changing soon. Ping G20 irons - look and feel great Garmin S1 watch - the strap has broken but i just tie it...
  20. shun_naka

    Embarrassing questions from a club newbie

    Hi all, Considering joining my local club which I've posted about on here in the last few days and just have some really basic questions about golf clubs How do they work at the weekends? I've seen them post regularly about medals etc on Saturdays - does this mean you can't play on a Saturday...