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  1. JonW

    Repairing terrible greens

    The local course where I’m a member now has truly awful greens. There are big bald patches with no grass on the surface at all, they’re really patchy and bobbly and are (currently) rock hard. I appreciate that they may have had reduced maintenance during lockdown, but this deterioration has...
  2. JonW

    Aerating Greens

    I joined a golf club last June after 20 years away from the game. Since joining the club I’ve noticed that the greens have never been aerated. The greens aren’t great and definitely need some TLC! Q1. Is there any ‘technical’ reason why they shouldn’t have been aerated in that time or is it...
  3. JonW

    New shaft in my driver?

    I returned to golf earlier this year after a 20 year layoff. I’m currently playing off 14, but am hoping to get lower. About three months in I bought a second hand Ping G30 driver with a stock Ping (stiff) shaft to replace the ancient driver I had before. To my question... Everyone seems to...
  4. JonW

    Is the BMW Championship (Wentworth) Pro-Am on TV

    Hello. Is the BMW Championship (Wentworth) Pro-Am (17th September) on TV anywhere in the UK? There are some great groups that I'd love to see, but can't get to Wentworth because of work commitments. I've checked Sky TV Guide, but can't see anything there. Will it be online or available any...