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  1. KenL

    Putting with pin in - sick of it!

    Anyone hating being forced to put with the pin in? I am finding it really annoying to putt, especially on short putts. My course has really thick pins and a ball retriever device that you need to spin round to get it out of the way to avoid that adding to the thickness of the pin. Had...
  2. KenL

    Odyssey Stroke Lab Marxman for sale

    Lock down purchase but decided I will stick to my other putter. 34" and in superb condition. Only used for about 8 rounds. £120 including Parcel Force postage within the UK. Thanks.
  3. KenL

    Scotland 4 balls -EDIT: MORE THAN 2 HOUSEHOLDS...

    Have any Scottish clubs announced they will allow 4 ball (different households) when phase 2 begins? It is clear that this is allowable.
  4. KenL

    Hesketh GC

    Watched a Peter Finch video from Hesketh, it looks like a great track.
  5. KenL

    Texas Scramble

    Quick question... Would you expect 2 teams to be 2 full shots clear of 3rd and 4th place? About 40 teams took part.
  6. KenL

    Winter medals and mats

    For those clubs who have winter medals (counters), if you are using mats for general play, are you required to use mats on the fairway in medals?
  7. KenL

    Panmure GC

    Played at Panmure today. What an absolutely fantastic golf course. A super mix of holes; some straight forward, some challenging and some I've never seen the likes of before. Presentation of the course was first class and the greens were excellent - quick and true. Clubhouse was also very...
  8. KenL

    Drop from bunker marked GUR

    Some of our bunkers are being re-built and are lined and marked GUR. From tomorrow can the "nearest point of relief" still be to the side of the bunker or do you need to drop behind keeping a straight line between where the ball lay and the hole? My thoughts are that this is still the case as...
  9. KenL

    Balls moving from standstill on green - should medal comp be R0?

    As above. Played a medal today and wind was horrendous. Is there anything in congu manual that says that a 0.1 increase shouldn't be applied? Heard a few people saying that their ball moved on the green and one of mine almost at a standstill speeding up and blowing off the green. Thanks
  10. KenL

    Par competition and handicap reduction.

    Just wanted to check something about handicap calculation when playing par/bogey comps. I played one last night and scored 74 - 5 = 69. CSS was 71. In a normal medal (or Stableford) I would have been cut 0.2. I was only 1 up against the course and have been cut by 0.1. Is this correct or...
  11. KenL

    Golf Monthly reviews - for real?

    Watched a couple of comparison reviews and I'm not sure I believe the results. New g400 - 8 yards further than g model. Rogue said to be clearly longer than epic despite other reviewers saying there wasn't much in it. So, are golf monthly sucking up to their advertisers and making dubious...
  12. KenL

    Bunkers GUR & a fair drop

    At my club excellent work is being carried out rebuilding bunkers. If your ball is in the bunker you drop at the NPR. This can be on a downslope off a very tight lie shot over the bunker to the pin. I ended up with 2 impossible shots this morning, frosty ground did not help! I ended up...
  13. KenL

    Odyssey White Hot Pro #7

    As above, putter for sale in excellent condition. 34" long. Comes with correct headcover. Iomic grip also in good condition. £65 including shipping via Parcel Force. Payment by PayPal gift. https://ibb.co07931869075emHjyG Will post pictures when I figure out how.
  14. KenL

    Broken Callaway Epic

    Took an Epic out for a test yesterday at my club. After a few shots it made a strange noise. The last time I hit it there was a loud dull thud sound and the ball only went about 150 yards. It was broken. Looks like a complete separation of the titanium and the carbon along the crown. No...
  15. KenL

    Wooden fence post in Water Hazard?

    Playing in a comp recently my fellow competitor's ball was on the beach, a lateral hazard. Next to his ball was a part of a wooden fence post. We knew that a natural object like a branch, stone or seaweed could not be moved but could this have been moved it was "man made"? He did not move it...
  16. KenL

    Pitreavie GC

    Played there today as a guest. I was very impressed by the course which I hadn't played before. Some very interesting holes and challenging greens. Course is in lovely condition - quick greens and well cut fringes. The course was designed by the same man who designed Augusta National - it...
  17. KenL

    Ruling on this please...

    Apologies if this has been posted here before but what do our rules experts think would be the ruling regarding penalty situation here?
  18. KenL

    Mixed Comps - why do women get 2 extra strokes?

    Hi, Playing a fun mixed team comp on Saturday. Comp rules say women get two strokes added to their handicap. Anyone know why? Is this the norm or just at my club? i sure this has been carefully calculated but my curiosity requires the reason why. Thanks to anyone who can enlighten me.
  19. KenL

    Roads and Paths

    Are roads and paths in play at your club? At mine all roads and paths (and these run right through the course) are in play apart from a small section of path to the pro shop are in play. This is probably a historical thing but I feel these should not be in play. A lot of the paths are poorly...
  20. KenL

    Skycaddie 2.5 membership expired...

    ...what will happen? I have had my Skycaddie for at least 5 years and am hacked off paying the annual fee. Membership expired yesterday and I am playing tomorrow. Will it work? I would be happy to try just having front, middle, back info. Will it revert to this given that you can now buy...