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    Delete account

    Can admin please delete my account. I see a pattern where no matter what some posters put on a hardcore of others will try to put them down. Too many juveniles for my liking Good luck for the future and I hope we're all back playing soon. Stay safe.
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    Heebi Jeebies

    Anyone done something in the past that gives them the Heebe Jeebies I shook hands with Jimmy Saville at the Great North Run many moons ago. Yuck!
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    UEFA how low can they sink.

    I see this corrupt lot are now threatening domestic leagues with losing Champions League and Europa cup places if they don't finish they're season. What a shower, just when you think they can't slide any further into the cess pit
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    May as well have most outrageous unlucky shot

    Playing at Daytona Beach with my sister's partner who's ball had a fetish for fish. Just come of a par 3 with a pond which he had managed to find, he tees up on the next hole ,says thank God no water on this one, then tops his drive which ricochets of the market on the ladies tee in front of us...
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    Look on the bright side

    With the clocks going forward that's an hour less in lockdown.
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    Young and selfish.

    Read that the pubs and clubs in London Manchester are business as usual, how accurate that is I don't know. Given that the reason older citizens are being advised to lay low is so they don't burden the NHS as they are more at risk. So do you think the younger generation are taking the attitude...