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    Does your Club give a prize for best Gross score in weekly Medal?

    We have a Scratch prize for every medal, also Scratch winners as well as Divisions 1, 2 and 3 qualify for Medal Finals at the end of the year. We have had some people complaining about the Scratch prize because they have no chance of winning. The point of the game in its purest sense clearly...
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    2020 Professional Golf Thread

    I woke up this morning and realised that the 149th Open Championship should now be under way. Feeling rather sad.
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    are you losing more golf balls post-lockdown?

    Played about 8 rounds, haven't lost one yet. Only lost a couple in 2019. That's the benefit of being a very short hitter on a course with no water. Even the wide ones only find the semi.
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    Return of comps & qualifiers

    I think he was saying that the 3 cards you submitted might have warranted a handicap of more than 28 but some handicap secretaries still don't like to award anything higher, which is really against the current ethos of trying to get more people involved. Enjoy the competition, there's nothing...
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    Have you? are you?

    Not quite the only one. I joined when I started playing again in 2013 after a 20 year hiatus. My first handicap was 12, managed to get down to 7 (briefly) a couple of years later. Now back up to 12, mainly because my best drives only go about 170 yards so GIR are few and far between. On a really...
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    Notts courses

    I'll be happy to sign you and a couple of others in. I think the guest rate is around £25, even cheaper after 4pm.
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    Notts courses

    Coxmoor is a cracking course, even better with changes they've made recently. Brand new £1.5m clubhouse too. Worksop is another good track in the north of the county. Sherwood Forest and Hollinwell speak for themselves as the two Nottinghamshire clubs in the Top 100. Wollaton Park is set in...
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    Let's talk putters..

    I use the same Anser that I bought over 40 years ago. Never seriously considered buying a replacement, not least because I find sight lines offputting and new putters all seem to have one.
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    Club comps

    To some people, including myself, there is no such thing as 'relaxed social golf'. Competitive golf is the only form of the game I find enjoyable. I've played 4 times so far, each one matchplay against different friends. No substitute for card and pencil golf though. I appreciate that some...
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    Competition time

    The Links
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    10 minute intervals

    I find it very strange, given the fact that clubs seem to be going to 8 minutes and even less, that England Golf haven't specified either that it is OK, or that it isn't. If they have, I certainly can't find it.
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    10 minute intervals

    Interesting replies, from which it seems that clubs are interpreting the definition of guideline quite differently. I spoke to our Pro today, he has had a number of members suggesting that 8 minutes would be very workable and alleviate the problem of securing tee times. It appears that our club...
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    10 minute intervals

    Does anyone know whether it is permissible to have a shorter gap between 2-balls? My club is operating a policy of 18 holes teeing off between 7.30 and 5.00 so 116 people can play every day. Everything is going well, in fact I loved my first game, millionaires golf, round in just over 3 hours...
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    I played for the first time today in 50+ days and …...

    Lovely to be out there, the odd oasis in a desert of rusty blows. Millionaires golf with 10 minute intervals between 2balls, we strolled round in 2 hours 50. Could knock a minute or even 2 off to get more people round without compromising safety, but we'll all get at least a couple of rounds a...
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    When do you think you will next play golf?

    I suspect a very small proportion of golfers understand what it actually represents, and the rest are divided between those who misunderstand it, and those who have never heard of it.
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    VE Day 👍

    My dad flew Wellingtons in the Western Desert and transferred to Pathfinder Squadron 139 where he piloted Mosquitos. I also have his log books and got them out the other day to see that he took part in the last Bomber Command attack of the war on May 2nd 1945. Awarded the DFM and DFC. Just one...
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    When do you think you will next play golf?

    I don't think we are anticipating starting on May 11th, especially given the reduced greenkeeping staff will have had 3 days off including the Bank Holiday. I understand we are waiting on Boris's announcement on Sunday and deciding a reopening day from there. A lot of us are hoping we might be...
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    Golf Club Cliché Characters

    The Agronomist Having retired early, he spends every waking hour obsessed with the game. Off single figures, he's at the club 7 days a week, plays at least 18 every day, and often 36. Much of the time on his own. Reads voraciously about every aspect of greenkeeping and is particularly...
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    When do you think you will next play golf?

    In an update explaining various decisions they have made, they state 'It is highly likely that any return will be in phases, with single golfers or household groups in the first instance to ensure that the golf industry continues to adhere to government guidelines'. I agree, it wouldn't work in...
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    The forums best holes

    The 13th at Notts is a fantastic hole.