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  1. Mudball

    Those pesky millennials

    Call them snowflakes, millennials or what have you... How many can you have you done I scored 3... Avo Toast, Quinoa, Cauliflower Rice.. Never heard half of the others..
  2. Mudball

    Baked beans

    Had a bit of discussion around baked beans and toast ... staple and good. It got a bit heated on what sauce to put on it... Ketchup??? Brown/HP? I did not realise there is a world of debate out there
  3. Mudball

    Those pesky squirrels

    Our garden seems to be home to a lot of squirrels... they seems to have eaten all the apples .. and generally seem to nose around the pots and dig out the carrots... they seem to be digging up the lawn and hiding all the nuts for winter already Not planning to kill/maim any.. but what are the...
  4. Mudball

    Sparky/Gas Hob Question

    We have a Baumatic Gas Hob... its 15 yr old and suddenly the ignition seems to have stopped working on all 4 of the hobs.. none of the cookers are lighting up. There seems to be power in the ring unit since the oven underneath it working. I tried to google it but no luck. It was put in by the...
  5. Mudball

    Dishwasher smell

    Too much baking in the house. things end up in the dishwasher. Unfortunately after the wash, the rest of the plates pick up a egg odour. I have tried the best soap - quantum, all in 1 etc, but not very effective. A slice of lemon seems to work sometimes. Any parental advice on best options...
  6. Mudball

    Day Trading - Options, Index, FX, Commodities

    I want to spend some serious time learning to trade. not necessarily to be a intra-day trader, but to get active in the market. This is primarily due to 1) a bit of time on the side during lockdown 2) need to get a new skill that i can use 3) I dont know how the job scene will be for a few...
  7. Mudball

    The future of oil..

    So oil is at its lowest and some parts of the world the futures are trading in Negative!!! Likely to get worse as contracts expire tomorrow. If only I could buy a million barrels at $1 ... Not sure when we get to use the cars next or what the price would be at the pumps. I am assuming this is...
  8. Mudball

    Whiskey and Tea

    Was watching 'Saving Mr Banks'... story about Walt Disney and P.L. Travers ... Good a good flick. In one sequence, she gets whiskey in her tea. I found it odd, so looked it up. Apparently it is not an uncommon thing to do. While these days it might be a cocktail, apparently it was far more...
  9. Mudball

    Mouse in the house

    Move over Corona... we now have (atleast one) mouse inside the house. No idea how it got inside. Heard some scratching a few days ago.. put down some Raco that I found in the garage (I think it’s very old stock) Usually our neighbors cats are prowling around at night so never had a problem...
  10. Mudball

    Printer ink options

    We have a HP Color Laserjet Pro MFP M281fdw... .. Given the amount of printing that happens for school work, the ink is running low. So looking to order HP 203A colour cartridges. First view of HP cartridge cost is >£250 (I think i got it for some £150 for the printer at that time). It is a...
  11. Mudball

    Things I did not know about..

    Now that I am homebound, the list of 'I will do when i get time' is coming back to haunt. One of them was bleeding the radiators. After trawling in the garage, found a radiator key, but the bleeping thing would not fit our radiators (must be from the old house). Its then I realised that i...
  12. Mudball

    Corona virus - financial support thread

    Maybe we need a separate thread around financial support available around Corona/CV-19. HID is self employed and they may close down once the govt says so - which means no pay (at the moment). The biggest thing for me to see how the mortgage holiday is being rolled out esp for self employed...
  13. Mudball

    Working from Home... home office

    i have been sitting on the sofa or dinning table all day these days. Now Jr is going to start online schooling too. So looking to set up a home office. Was there someone on the forum who dealt in Sit/Stand desks? i am assuming there is a bit of demand for those at the moment. For...
  14. Mudball

    Deep Freezers - advice

    Mrs has been looking to get a deep freezer for a while. With all the Corona nonsense going along, this seems to have heightend the request. So looking for a deep freezer which will go into our (uninsulated) garage. Initial scan of the Interweb shows most of them need an operating temp of...
  15. Mudball

    The stock markets

    Absolute blood bath across the world at the moment.... enuf said
  16. Mudball

    Pothole damage.. should the council pay?

    Yesterday.. It was pelting down.. HID drove the car over a pothole/ditch (well within speed limit). As the road was waterlogged, she did not see the hole. Anyways that punchered the tyre. Had to get recovery out who then took her for tyre replacement (no spares tyre in the car). She could not...
  17. Mudball

    Noisy American Fridge Freezer

    Got a Samsung American FF. last week it decided to start making noises. It’s the compressor/Fan that is making the noise. As soon as I open the fridge door, the fan stops. When you close it, it will restart as it attempts to bring temp down. will look to defrost it today to see if there is...
  18. Mudball

    Office golf day - prize ideas

    <Mod: if you think this is OB thread, then feel free to move> This time in the office annual golf committee. Usually about 70-80 people turn up. This is a mix of good players, bandits and beginners. It is a good laugh at the end of the day. Currently thinking of prizes for folks. 1)...
  19. Mudball

    Going to the Gym... over 40s

    So i like my steak and pints but the Dr (and Mrs) thinks i need to shed some/many pounds. I have been to a gym a few time, but never really stuck to it. So after the January rush at the gym, i decided to jump in. I have taken to it, the same way as i did when i started my golf. I signed up...
  20. Mudball

    Carplay/ A Auto

    Speaking to a volvo dealer, and he mentioned £300 for Carplay full fitted. What exactly is there to 'fit' in Carplay? The BMW has a similar £99 Carplay prep. So declined it. Came home, a bit of Google and Youtube shows you what options to choose and hey presto, Carplay activated. I...