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    Captain's Drive In (with a difference)

    Seems to have divided opinion somewhat... Thoughts?
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    Watching the E.T Andalucia Valderrama Masters and thinking how much I regret not playing it last time I was in the area - having opted to play a few cheaper courses instead Anyone played it? As good (and tough) as it looks?
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    Matchplay (pairs) Question

    Hi everyone, yet another matchplay query... Pairs betterball At what point is it too late to correct the score from a previous hole? Eg player A should receive a shot on the hole but doesn't realise it. His team believe they have lost the hole. Not everyone holes out as a couple of short...
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    Card submitted but not included in results

    Hi folks, some more advice please if you'd be so kind - the below happened at an open strokeplay event (medal)... Upon registration, each player was given their card etc and told to input their scores into the computer after the round. Player A (a home member of said club) completed his...
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    Declaring a ball OOB

    Hi rules gurus, another odd question... Pairs matchplay Player A drives towards OOB thin hits a provisional. After a minute the player states 'nah it's OB, I'll play on with my provisional A minute later, before he can continue with his provisional, a spectator finds the original ball...
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    Your best ever score

    Another thread got me reminiscing about my best ever round, about 10 years ago but remember it like it was yesterday :) 46 points in a work society event, off 12 Started with a nett bogey too Won: - Best nett (missed gross by 1 shot) - Team event - Yellow ball comp - NTP - Would've had...
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    Urgent help please

    Thanks in advance Pairs better ball matchplay Player A accidentally moves partner B's ball on the fairway Loss of hole for A&B or penalty for A with B carrying on without penalty?
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    ..with x blobs (why?)

    Some of my pals have this habit... they'll often qualify their scores by saying how many blobs were included (as if that's a good thing) This seems quite common on here too But why? :confused: To my way of thinking the fact there's blobs is bad not good :( I suppose it's another way of...
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    Par 3 Openers

    The other thread (how to warm up) got me thinking about opening holes, particularly par 3's which seem to be fairly uncommon Orikuru's place, Haste Hill, at 150 ish doesn't sound too bad However, Homer's place, Royal Ascot, sounds tough at 230 odd and might break you rather than breaking you...
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    Flight & Height

    I've always hit it low but gradually over the past few seasons I've lost even more height Fine when it's windy or conditions are firm and running but it's not 'right' I deloft, so although my irons go relatively far (7i : 165-170 ish) I struggle to hit anything more than a 5i (which goes more...
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    Nike Vapor Control Shoes 'new traction system'

    So I've received my pair for the bargain sum of £63 thanks to the recommendation on the below thread (they're still £120 in AG) They look great, very comfortable, have a 2 year waterproof guarantee, give superb grip... all good and exactly what I was after... However... After some putting &...
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    After an enjoyable couple of days spectating at Close House, I'm considering volunteering for marshalling duties when the European Seniors Tour comes to the Forest of Arden next month Has anybody any experiences to share, was it worthwhile? The first obvious downside is that it'll probably...
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    Lib-Dem Politician says schools should... what!? Imagine you kid coming home from career counselling...
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    Penalty? And if so, to whom?

    Rules Gurus, some help please This one confused us all... :mad: Scenario: - pairs, betterball, matchplay - team A comprises players A1 and A2 - team B comprises players B1 and B2 - both teams are on the green - all 4 balls are marked and removed Team A have the honour - A1 duffs his putt and...
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    Waterproof socks

    I've seen a few posts on here suggesting waterproof socks as a worthwhile investment for the inevitable cold wet autumn/winter... Anybody got any specific recommendatons (make/model)? Are Sealskinz the best, any decent competition? Cheers in advance
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    Why aren't exact handicaps used?

    Reading the Countback thread and find myself questioning why exact handicaps aren't used to determine the placings in the event of a tie? Why do we use the countback system - why not use exact handicaps rather than rounded 'playing' ones? I know there's no perfect solution but countback seems...
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    Unplayable drop from bunker

    Hi rules gurus! First time poster, long time lurker after some advice please... Today, following a decent tee shot on a par 4, I hit an 80 yard (gps measured) wedge into the face of a nasty bunker (plugged about 6 inches under the lip) hence I deemed it unplayable Then figured I had 3 options...