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    Staffordshire Clubs

    IMO Beau's comfortably the best track in Staffordshire, hence the full membership. Very ambitious plans in place too to further improve the course and facilities. Enville has two very good courses (I prefer the Lodge) and great practice areas. Brocton has a beautiful clubhouse, course is good...
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    TV Series - What Are You Watching?

    Giri/Haji - outstanding!
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    Little Aston

    Great track and much more welcoming for visitors these days. Personally wouldn't play it at this time of the year as it will be a bit wet (imagine the Brab is the same) personally I'd opt for one of the sandy heathland courses mentioned (Notts, Beau, Sherwood). HTH
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    Captain's Drive In (with a difference)

    Seems to have divided opinion somewhat... Thoughts?
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    Teaching pro recommendation - Dudley/Wolverhampton

    Darren Prosser definitely worth trying IMO 👍
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    TV Series - What Are You Watching?

    Rewatching GoT ahead of the new series coming out in April. Still gut wrenching despite having watched it before and having raf the series of books twice
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    Gambling on the course 2.0

    My regular groups play £1 front 9, £1 back 9, £1 overall. Handicaps flex a little bit based on who's been winning, who''s struggling etc. Works well to keep it a bit interesting. Another group I used to play with played for heavier bets but it just caused problems as it all got a bit too...
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    What's the highest level you've competed at?

    Used to play table tennis at a national league level. Played against (in practise not competition!) Desmond Douglas and Chen Xinhua. Both sooooo many levels above what I could ever have acheved.
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    I played today and..(Rolling) -originally created by JohnnyDee

    Silly old game. Not picked a club up for 3 weeks. Was running late so only had time for a dozen pitches in the net as a warmup so expectations were low. Best round in approx 10 years with 5 birdies (3 tap ins including one from 6 inches on a par 3). 'Bogey' comp, so finished at +5 (would...
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    Undersoil heating to greens

    Sounds very errrr 'ambitious'! The cost / benefit analysis wold be interesting 💰💰💰
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    How you view brands of clubs

    Heard smilar from an AG manager about TM and he said the same about Titleist (poor quality, made in China) which surprised me as I always thought of them as top drawer. Oh and Murphthemog has won this thread :LOL:
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    Toughest course?

    definitely up there, chewed me up and spat me out and I felt I played pretty well and loved every moment. Must go back. BeauDes is up there too when the rough & heather is up - have to be able to shape it off the champ tees (still not overly long though) and the greens can be almost unplayable...
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    Practicing with headphones

    Thanks - that's good to know 👍👍 I hear it's getting more common in the US to have music playing in the buggies but I quite fancy playing the odd round listening to some mellow music.
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    Practicing with headphones

    Ha! I've put a little cotton wool in mine before now and said I had an infection, to avoid having to talk to a particularly annoying knob I was paired with. It works!
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    Looking to personalize my TaylorMade golf bag and a bit more.

    One of my clubs stocks a fairly wide range of different bags already with the club logo on, they're VERY popular. No idea who does it but the bags only cost a little more than the standard (unlogoed) versions. Not sure about having names on though, would have thought that would be better on...
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    Anyone Here Using a Callaway Sure Out?

    Anyone ever considered the Linear method?
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    Twitter - Junior Golfer accounts

    After you (y)
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    Twitter - Junior Golfer accounts

    As with everything, balance is key. Twitter - can be great if done properly, I enjoy seeing some of the kids progress. Others I've blocked as I'm not interested in hearing about every practice session etc or nonsense spouted by deluded parents. Sadly I know one kid forced to left several...
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    Anyone Here Using a Callaway Sure Out?

    Didn't read all the posts but why not under the RoG just take a drop out under penalty, thus saving you the cost of a lesson or new club :whistle: