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  1. pokerjoke

    Wanted Odyssey black series 1

    Anyone have one of these gathering dust anywhere. Must be 34” Tia
  2. pokerjoke

    Have you? are you?

    I’ve been on this site over 10 years and not everything goes in and stays in. 1.Have you lowered your handicap since you have been on the forum? 2.Are you still improving or do you feel you can still improve your game and handicap? I was a 12 hp when I joined in 2009 currently a 6hp I am still...
  3. pokerjoke

    The forums best holes

    This will either work or fall flat but in our wisdom I’m sure we can come up with an 18 hole course. We have to choose our best course from hole 1 to hole 18. Someone makes a suggestion and when it gets 3 likes it’s in. If you think of a better one suggest it and get 3 likes,the first hole to...
  4. pokerjoke

    Wanted GM binder

    Has anyone got one of the GM black binders lying around they don’t want. I’ve seen them on Raffle tables at golf meets I’ve been too. Basically a binder full of blank sheets of paper. Happy to pay postage if your happy to post. Thanks
  5. pokerjoke

    Who would you like to be?

    For the next 10 years which golfers career would you like to have. The potential of wins and majors and of course the trappings that go with it. Choose a favourite and an outsider. I think John Rahm will win majors,he seems to be calming down slightly and has a great all round game. My...
  6. pokerjoke

    Buying a used car

    Unfortunately my BMW has had enough so I’m buying a used Ford Focus. I’ve had 2 bad experiences before when buying for the wife so really want to make sure this time. It comes with a 3 month warranty and for an additional £399 I can purchase another 12 months(seems sensible) but are they worth...
  7. pokerjoke

    Sensitive thread possibly (organ donation)

    I’ve always been an organ donor from my mid 20s and my wife started about 10 years ago. We have just added our kids names. Soon everyone will be unless you opt out. I hope they are never needed because of an accident. I appreciate it could be one of the hardest decisions ever to make.Thoughts?
  8. pokerjoke

    Stopped after 25 years

    Today I stopped doing the National lottery after 25 years I have had the same numbers for the whole time. My biggest win was £104 The reason I read the story of the guy that won 9.7 million where he paid Liverpool gangsters 130k when they threatened to cut up his daughter. Wether true or not...
  9. pokerjoke

    Is your home at risk?

    Do you live anywhere where your house and even your life could be in danger? The news is full of disasters especially flooding atm. Are you at risk from flooding,and could you actually lose everything. Landslides,fires etc Recently a whole town could have been wiped out when the reservoir nearly...
  10. pokerjoke

    What’s Maxstoke GC like

    Hi how does it play in October,thanks
  11. pokerjoke

    Who could you and who couldn’t you?

    Caddie for. I could never caddie for Matt Wallace he would be a bloody nightmare,such a baby. I could caddy for Lee Westwood,seams to enjoy the game and comes across as a good egg.
  12. pokerjoke

    Are you under par?

    Just watching the golf and was seeing that some holes were playing under there par. Are you personally under par on any of your hole on your course. My best is 5.1 on our par 5 8th hole. No where near on all the others.
  13. pokerjoke

    Need a partner

    Hi Guys looking for a partner for a pairs comps Sunday,I know it’s late notice but my original partner has hurt his wrist. It’s in Ilfracombe and it’s a 36 hole event 4bbb in the morning and a Foursomes in the afternoon. Good news is you only have to get to Taunton or Tiverton. I can pick...
  14. pokerjoke


    Just watching this although not many big names in it. Jason Dufner really struggling with his putter,watch how much his lower body moves when putting. Also Rory dropping his ball well below knee height,did think it had to be knee height. Saw a guy on our course drop from shoulder height...
  15. pokerjoke

    Pitch it close

    Something I have started to do lately,especially now the ground is firming up is walking all the way up to the green to see my landing spot,and looking to which way the ball will break near the hole. Now I’m not talking 100 yards probably 40 yards and in,mainly where I can’t see my landing...
  16. pokerjoke

    Ping g410 3 wood

    Just purchased one of these so thought I would do a test. Unfortunately using range balls so no distances. It’s a stiff flex 14.5 degree although this can be adjusted either way. It’s looks lovely and sits nice down behind the ball,it does look slightly open at address which I don’t mind...
  17. pokerjoke

    Wanted Burner 5 wood

    I would like a TM Burner 5 wood. The old one about 2007 I believe. Reax shaft 65g stiff Don’t want regular It’s an old club so I’m hoping someone has one buried somewhere and doesn’t want a lot for it. Message me if you have one,thx
  18. pokerjoke

    Getting it right

    Is your club getting it right on its comps. I play with between 12 and 26 players most weekends and some Thursdays in the summer and if it’s not a pay up front comp we will draw cards. One thing that has started to slightly grate is excuses you get to not enter the comp. I will enter...
  19. pokerjoke

    Pete Finch on Sky

    I see PF is in the studio talking and analiziing on the women’s golf. Is he on all week?
  20. pokerjoke

    Hidden talents 2

    A different angle on my previous thread. Are there any professions you feel you could do,or even have learnt that is not your real one. Although when doing it,it bores the hell out of me I think I could be a professional painter. Doing a lot of it lately and getting better all the time...