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    RIP Ennio Morricone

    The man behind the scores for some of the greatest westerns has died. Those of us that grew up watching them will remember just how great a part that music played in those films. RIP Ennio, thanks for the memories.
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    Track and Trace contact list

    Just remember, if you get a call from a track and tracer telling you to quarantine for 14 days, and who you have been in contact with, here's your list; Klopp Alisson Robertson Alexander-Arnold Wijnaldum Van Dyik Lovren Milner Henderson Salah Mane Firmino :)
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    R.I.P. Dave Greenfield

    Dave Greenfield, keyboard player for The Strangler has died after testing positive for corona virus. Thanks for the memories Dave, of which this one showcases your talents quite nicely;
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    Original songs but the cover version is the better known one.

    As a twist on Doon's reworked/covers thread, how about one for songs where there's a better known version, but there's also the original, which is better? As a starter I give you the better known version; And here's the original;
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    Personal top 10 vocalists; no judging or criteria

    Well, we've covered everything else & there's no golf, so your favourite vocalists. As per the title, no criteria, no judgement, your 10.
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    Personal top 10 pianists/keyboard players; no judging or criteria

    We must have some on here whose tastes lean more this way, so again, who are your 10?
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    Personal top 10 bassists; no judging or criteria

    Before the bass players on here start grumbling I suppose we better add this one. :) So, who are they then?
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    Personal top 10 drummers; no judging or criteria

    So, having caused me a headache trying to cut a list of guitarists down to 10, I'm going to try and get my own back; Come on Beezerk, your top 10 drummers please... :p
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    Personal top 10 guitarists; no judging or criteria

    Moved out of the "So what are you listening to at the moment" thread, the question was asked who are your top 10 guitarists? As per the title, no specific criteria, it's your top 10. So, to kick it off... Duane Allman Chet Atkins Joe Bonamassa Tommy Emmanuel B.B. King Mark Knopfler Gary Moore...
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    RIP Bill Withers

    At a time when we should lean on each a little more than most, the singer of that fantastic song has sadly left us. RIP Bill, and thank you for the memories.
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    Any TV experts?

    Looking at replacing the mistake that was the 3D TV with a 43" or 49" 4K TV. 43" might sit better in the room size was but I understand that some of the better tech starts at 49". Most important feature is picture quality, will be used primarily for sports, films & music. Prefer decent sound...
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    Dead heat run out

    Never seen this before;
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    RIP Derek Fowlds

    The last survivor of the triumvirate that were the core of one of the most brilliantly written comedy series of my time has now passed. Quite a step up from being Basil Brush's sidekick. RIP & thanks for the memories.
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    Iran admit downing civilian airliner

    Iran have now admitted that a missile fired in response to Donald Trump’s assassination of the head of the Quds. Congratulations Donald, those deaths are on you as far s I’m concerned 🤬🤬
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    Anyone else getting this on here? Apparently all I have to do to get a £1,000 Sainsbury’s voucher is click okay and answer a few questions...
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    Christmas quiz

    Anyone seen the music/film quiz that normally comes out around this time of year; the picture one that you have to get the titles out of? If you have, would you behind enough to post up a link? Ta muchly (y)
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    Dead iPod; salvageable or replace?

    Listening to the iPod at work today, screen went blank and no music, got clicky noises from the controls for a bit when trying to revive it, they stopped, and now getting nothing. Been on charge for about 2 hours, still nothing. Official diagnosis; it's dead. Has anyone had anything similar...
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    I thought the human race couldn't sink much lower; I was wrong. Words fail me.
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    RIP Ginger

    Another one of the greats leaves us. RIP Ginger.
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    Change of employment coming up?