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  1. GB72

    Current Regulations and New Members

    Just wondering how clubs are dealing with new members at the moment. Under normal circumstances they would get pointed towards the regular roll ups or suggest they sign on to blank booking slots. With no roll ups, no new member nights or comps and I would assume people sticking to their normal...
  2. GB72

    Should This Be the End of Cheap Pay and Play Deals

    I mentioned this in another thread but thought it may be worth a thread on its own. Since the lockdown eased, my old club, and a few others that I have seen on Social Media, have (as someone predicted on here) posted a significant rise in membership applications as it is the only way to access...
  3. GB72

    Any Decent Live Streams

    Really enjoyed watching some of my favourite musicians doing live streams last weekend, helped pass the time. Watched Miles Hunt from the Wonderstuff on Saturday and Passenger on Sunday. I know that Passenger is doing another one tomorrow but wondered if anyone has seen any more coming up that...
  4. GB72

    Tips for Combating the 'Dunkirk Spirit' and 'Blitz Mentality'

    Not sure if anyone is having the same issues as I am trying to keep an older relative home and safe. This is just not in the mentality of that generation. I cannot get through to my mum that you cannot just keep going on as normal, not giving in and not letting it grind you down. This is one...
  5. GB72

    Golf Club Meetings

    Went to my first ever one last night and that was an eye opener. So much venom let loose by some members and plenty of school yard bickering. OK it was a touchy subject (another reasonably large increase in subscriptions) but still it was not what I would call a civilised debate. Furthermore...
  6. GB72

    6 Nations 2020

    Nearly time for my favourite sporting tournament to start again and it is already interesting. England seem to have forgotten to pick a number 8 or that Exeter have any decent players plus a number of the squad have to face their team mates having been branded cheats. Depending on what...
  7. GB72

    Should All Sports Having Rolling Subs

    Just a thought, and not one I am sure that I agree with but should all sports have rolling subs rather than permanent changes. The stresses on the body, and in particular the head, are becoming greater and greater in professional sport and so is there any argument for all sports to have...
  8. GB72

    Your Club Closes, What do You Do

    Serious and honest question in light of the awful situation facing Bury and Bolton fans. If your club that you have followed all of your life ceased to be, what would you do. Do you follow another local club who were, in all likelihood rivals, pick another club from a lower league or would that...
  9. GB72

    Handicap Question

    I am a bit confused. My handicap was 16.7, only entered an am/am and a Texas scramble recently but on 17th June Howdidido says I was cut to 16.1. The description says transferred allocation. Any idea what this means
  10. GB72

    Pick Your Tee

    Just had an email from the club and it will now be possible in roll up competitions to pick whether you play from the yellow or white tees. Personally I think that this is a great idea to make competitions more inclusive for those that struggle off the longer tees. Apparently the computers have...
  11. GB72

    Which Course is Worst Value For Money

    Having trouble answering the 'worst course' thread. For me it all depends on what is being charged and what the course if looking to be and base my expectations on that. For example, there is a little 9 hole course in my village. Not much more than a mown field but it was never meant to...
  12. GB72

    GPS Watch Battery Life

    Can anyone recommend a reasonably priced GPS watch with good battery life. The battery life on my TomTom 2 was never great but now it dies not long after a round. Even at its best you would struggle to get 36 holes out of it. Interested to see if this is the norm for watches due to the...
  13. GB72

    Changing Spikes

    There is a special place in hell reserved for the inventor of spikes. Who thought it was a good idea to have to out a metal tool in 2 little holes that wear away and fill with compacted dirt. Tell you what, lets make it so the tool will rip through the rubber of the spikes. All the development...
  14. GB72

    RIP Keith Flint

    To me The Prodigy were just one of the best bands of my generation. Crossed so many music types and were so good live. Sad to hear that Keith Flint died today at only 49, rumoured to have taken his own life. Not many 'celebrity' deaths have any form of impact on me but having followed The...
  15. GB72

    Pubs/Food in Sheffield

    Heading up to Sheffiel to see a gig in a few weeks. Going to be staying over so wondered if there were any recommendations for decent pubs in or around the centre and any places worth going for a late lunch or early evening meal.
  16. GB72

    Club Fitting Lincolnshire Area

    Have decided to give the Cobra F9 driver a try and maybe a couple of others for comparison. Any recommendations for places in or around Lincolnshire. I am just outside Grantham and so pretty much in range of places in Nottingham, Leicester or even some of Cambridgeshire as well.
  17. GB72

    Possible Sharp Practices

    Following something on Twitter at the moment. We all know sale prices are not as cheap as they say and there are dodgy practices (doubling the price of artificial xmas trees in June so you can claim half price deals in November etc). Appears, however that Debenhams are selling sweaters at £22...
  18. GB72

    What Trolley Features Do People Actually Use

    Been doing a load of research into electric trolleys before I buy and, of course, they all come with various bells and whistles now. So, I thought I would look for some honest opinions on what people actually use on their trollies and, in all honesty, would you have been as well off going for a...
  19. GB72

    Anyone Use Golf Stream

    Finally made the decision to go back to a powered trolley. Set a budget of a max of £500.00 but for that I want a lithium battery. Otherwise there are not many features that I need (I have a GPS so do not need that etc). Was pretty much sold on the Motocaddy M3 pro but then saw the Golf Stream...
  20. GB72

    Food Recommendations For Brighton

    Going down to Brighton next weekend to watch Passenger. Staying over a couple of nights to make a long weekend of it so wondered if anyone can recommend decent restaurants and pubs.