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  1. Doh

    Club championships , what's the score

    Any weekend comp cannot be played by five day members at ours even if they pay a green fee. I can imagine some full members would be miffed if they could not enter a comp because of 5 day members taking up tee times.
  2. Doh

    Help & Advice

    You should have some sort of deal where you can return the clubs if you are not satisfied with them within a certain time period. That’s what I would be looking for, you will just have to pay return postage.
  3. Doh

    Cross handed, should I change?

    I’ve told people this before so apologies if you have heard this, I have a mate who played cross handed who played like that for years he got down to 6 so pretty good. Then he accidentally broke one of his thumbs and was laid up for six weeks, so he took the opportunity to change to a more...
  4. Doh

    The Hulk...... errr Bryson Deschambau

    His face should not be fat if the has been lifting he must have gained weight by over eating IMO. There again he could of done both. It’s his life.
  5. Doh

    are you losing more golf balls post-lockdown?

    Lost about six the first couple of rounds just playing poor shots but played last three rounds with the same ball. Loosing six in two rounds is unusual.
  6. Doh


    Never heard any racist comment at my club we have had people of most races represent the club and the better it is for it. Not saying we are completely innocent as I don’t know what has happened in the past or behind closed doors.
  7. Doh

    Arm scync

    Contact looks ok? Is it.
  8. Doh

    My dumb questions about golf.

    You are not alone.
  9. Doh

    My dumb questions about golf.

    It’s not a dumb question one of the fundamentals in the golf swing is finding the lowest point of the down swing (where the club contacts the ground) so you can position the ball in the stance where the club contacts the ball first and then the ground. The best bit of advice I can give you at...
  10. Doh

    Stock piling , panic buying.

    That’s another thing that can go straight in the bin.
  11. Doh

    £1000 to spend on clubs

    Take the opportunity when you do have a lesson to ask the pro his advice about clubs.
  12. Doh

    Arachnid ID

    I’ve noticed recently over the lockdown period the number of spiders seems to have increased. We have two regular ones that have moved in recently (I know 2 is not a lot this does not include the hundreds in the garden). Mrs Doh and I both like spiders and most creepy crawlies. It’s more to do...
  13. Doh

    Club comps

    All our comps are open to anyone to play, the only distinction is comps at the weekend are only open to seven day members.
  14. Doh

    Return to Golf in Scotland

    Hope you are all able to get out soon, I went for my first game in seven weeks on Friday I certainly appreciated it.
  15. Doh

    Anybodys club accepting guests after reopening? Covid

    We can sign in guests from Monday 18th except Saturdays.
  16. Doh

    Pencil bag

    I have the Wilson bag that I found very useful just not big enough to hold a brolly but manages 9 clubs max.
  17. Doh

    Could club memberships increase?

    We can sign in visitors as of this coming Monday only restriction is Saturday when the comps usually are taking place. Members are getting weekly and daily updates from the club as things progress, always being mindful that things could go the other way.
  18. Doh

    Self policing- what would you do?

    BACk to the OP once anyone starts blurring the recommended guidelines the flood gates will open. This is a virus we are talking about it does not have any rules it will find a weakness and strike there. So stick with what is being asked of us.
  19. Doh

    Superspeed Golf

    Be better golf on YouTube did a good few vids on this.
  20. Doh

    Laughter - the best medicine

    Sounds painfull.