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  1. maxfli65

    Xbox One data storage query

    My elder child has managed to get water into his Xbox one and it's fried. We have a replacement now but my query is if I sell the old damaged one for parts, what kind of linked Xbox live credit card info could there be on the hard drive of the console, if any? Unsure what gets stored locally...
  2. maxfli65

    car insurance query

    So my brother has been left a car in the will of a friend of my mums, a decent enough motor maybe worth £8 or £9K. He is not a car person, can drive but has never owned or sold a car as he lives in a flat in Edinburgh with nowhere to keep it. He wants the cash value, not the car. He would like...
  3. maxfli65

    Arachnid ID

    Any spider fanciers give me an ID on this big sucker in my garden shed? Not seen this species before I dont think. Big enough to swerve going past!😟
  4. maxfli65

    No mains water stop valve on street query

    Is it normal that if one house has it that every house on a street will also have an accessible stop valve on the street to turn their mains water on and off? Is it also typical to have that access point next to a gate? In my limited experience it is. Would you ever get 2 valves for separate...
  5. maxfli65

    Walton Heath

    Just seen this, sorry if it's been mentioned already, shocking behaviour, someone must know a group of 3 like that.
  6. maxfli65

    Lockdown and booze

    How has everyone's drinking habits changed last few weeks? Honestly! -Same/more/less? From a regular but modest amount drinker before, the last 3 weeks I have had zero booze, 4 weeks before that one 4-pack of lager that lasted 2 evenings. I do get cravings for a beer but am abstaining easily...
  7. maxfli65

    Coronavirus and Religion Discuss

    Moved from main Corona thread Happy Easter and may your vocal pipes stay in key! Bit of a tangent here - As something of an agnostic myself (still waiting on my epiphany) and despite being forced to and being a bit resentful of Sunday School as a kid when my mates were playing on their...
  8. maxfli65

    Plumber/ Heating engineer help - Combi Boiler top up question - low system pressure

    Need to top up the system water pressure in my Ideal C32 combi LPG boiler. It's down around 0.2 bar, needs to be between 1 and 2 bar. The expansion tank (out of picture) is pressurised to 1 bar which is about right. The underside is per the photo. Which of the two valves are the ones you need...
  9. maxfli65

    Non golfers on forum

    So wondering how many others on here, like me, don't actually play the game, seems like loads of people post in Out of Bounds yet rarely post in The Lounge. Let's poll.....;)
  10. maxfli65

    Moral Q - work sick leave/holiday

    Ok so I have 5 days annual leave left in 2018, booked in for Christmas week. We cannot carry leave forward into 2019 - if you don't use it you lose it effectively. Have just got notice of surgery I've been waiting a few months for, on 13th December with surgeon saying I have to take at least...
  11. maxfli65

    copper and magnets - health benefits?

    Just got myself a copper bracelet thing with magnets in an effort to aid joint pain - hips/shoulders/hands, not generally a fan of homeopathic remedies and such like but thought 'sod it, nothing ventured, nothing gained' and it ony cost £8. Anyone seen an improvement in health/pain from...
  12. maxfli65

    kitchen taps gland replacement - plumbing question

    Had a leaky/squeaky mixer tap in kitchen. Yesterday changed the 2 old glands for new ones and that all went fine. Put taps lever heads back on, seemed to fit ok and secured with the wee holding screw. Taps turn on fine, however when I turn the taps off the lever keeps turning once water's off...
  13. maxfli65

    Crimbo Limbo

    Anyone else stuck in Chrimbo limbo yet per Nationwide ad - Managed to get to the shops to return a few unwanted gifts and to the bank earlier, what a relief to get out of the house and an hour on my todd. Day 5 and cabin fever has kicked in big time...
  14. maxfli65

    Playing a shot off ice

    The ice shot, assuming no-one on here is daft enough to try it;)
  15. maxfli65

    Xbox monthly fees query - 2 consoles

    Currently paying for Xbox live per month for one console. Today have set up a second console for my youngest's birthday. It came with 3 month free pass for Xbox live gold and some Gamepass also free. I'm the ££ main account holder and there are 2 user accounts set up so they can each chat...
  16. maxfli65

    Royal Wedding - Meghan and Harry

    So Prince Harry's tying the knot with Meghan Markle. Imagine this will draw an unprecedented amount of media interest (at least since Charles and Di) both as he's the most popular royal and she's an American so the US are officially going to be part of our Royal Family and will media-overload...
  17. maxfli65

    Driverless Cars

    In the news a lot and mentioned in the budget today but what are peoples views? So many things can happen on the road that human instinct reacts to through a 6th sense of sorts that comes with experience, those things you learn to anticipate happening up ahead, just can't see how a computer can...
  18. maxfli65

    Skiers - Ski trips Alps, holiday shares views or advice

    Skiing! Looking at a week in the Alps preferably in late Jan 2018, poss early Feb before school mid terms. Kids/Mrs dont want to go this year so I'm on my Jack Jones, don't have any ski buddies really. Anyone booked a group holiday looking for places to fill? or anyone know of solos ski...
  19. maxfli65

    Unfortunate names wrt golf

    Silly post I admit but I was in surgery yesterday morning for my knackered shoulders and now I have a few days off to recuperate and time to kill. Anyway the orthopaedic surgeon who operated on me is an asian gentleman by the name of Mr H Shanker. Very nice fellow but I kept thinking what if he...
  20. maxfli65

    Next PM?

    May saying she'll go in 2 years. Trying to take some control and have a legacy of sorts me thinks. Is she right and will she last even that long? Surely by announcing the end makes her position even weaker? No authority at all. Think if she's going she should go now.