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    Stableford Adjustment question

    I am probably missing something really obvious, but I do not understand my handicap adjustment this weekend. I shot 82_10_72. The CSS was 72. I had a quadruple bogey 8 and a triple bogey 7. In my mind the Stableford Adjustment would take 2 off for my 8 and one off for my 7, giving me an adjusted...
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    Bunker policy during COVID19 crisis

    Can I ask how your club is dealing with no rakes on the course during this crisis? There are 3 choices. 1. Play them as the ball lies 2. 6" relief inside bunker 3. Bunkers out of play and free drop behind. We have selected play as it lies (as suggested by the R&A and Wales Golf) but we are...
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    Alternative methods of scoring comps under COVID19 conditions

    In Wales, as of Monday 1st June, we can start playing 2 balls, and 3 balls from 2 households. We will be looking at starting comps the week after, probably. One of the Wales Golf guidelines is that no physical cards can be entered. Does anyone here have any good ideas how we can efficiently run...
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    18 hole par 3 comp

    Our club want to host an in house comp where all 18 of the holes are turned into par threes by moving the tees up to the 140/150 yard mark. The proceeds would be for club funds to buy machinery for the greenkeeper. As M&H I have agreed in principle. How should I work the handicaps? Is there a...
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    Should software prevent a tee booking?

    Today I booked a dozen or so Mixed Opens for my wife, myself and another couple. That's the Summer sorted. Thought I would share what happened with one of them. At this particular website you could only book one 2 ball at a time, not the complete 4 ball. I booked me and the wife in, and then...
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    Annual Review query regarding 2nd club

    During the annual review a couple of players need adjustment who are 2nd club members. Should I make the adjustment or leave it to their first club?
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    Winter Comp decision

    I am the recently appointed M&H Secretary at my club, and I would be interested to hear the forum comments on a decision I took today. In the winter we have 15 hole non qualifying stableford comps, with divisional prizes. A 15 handicapper had the best score (38 points) in his division. His...
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    Punishment for not electronically entering scores

    Prompted by discussion on the WHS 2 thread, I am curious to know how different clubs manage players who do not update their scorecards into the electronic system at their club. As a relatively new M&H Secretary, one of my intentions was to maybe have a Code of Conduct penalty, or a comp ban for...
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    Bilyana Golf - good service after Thomas Cook crash.

    Thought I would pen a few lines praising Bilyana Golf, who specialise mainly in Turkish based golf breaks. We were booked to go to Belek in December, but unfortunately it was on a Thomas Cook flight. We sourced a couple of alternate flights, but they were 2 days later. I dropped an email to...