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  1. maxfli65

    Debbie Harry

    So she was quite old then (for a popstar) in Blondie's late 70s heyday - 35 in 1980. Very cool though, a style icon. Her looks carried the Blondie brand more than anything they did musically I think, but they have a handful of fairly famous catchy pop rock tunes to their/her name that have stood...
  2. maxfli65

    Brexit - The negotiations.

    I think these negotiations have stalled because the Cabinet is missing the female touch.;)
  3. maxfli65

    Prem Prediction League 2019/20

    Joe Cole looks like he's done his own makeup for BT sport, channeling his inner Oompa Loompa. 🍊
  4. maxfli65

    TV Series - What Are You Watching?

    Anyone watched 'Iron Fist' - two series on Netflix? Iron Fist is a Marvel character but show's rated 18 so can't be for kids. 2 episodes into series 1 and not sure if I can stick it.
  5. maxfli65

    Premier League 2019-2020 we’re off

    Good exciting game to watch tonight, well done Chelsea and City. Red card was a shame, sort of spoiled it as a contest. Liverpool untouchable this season, monkey off their back at last. Well done them. Hoping City can win ECL, certainly good enough.
  6. maxfli65

    TV Series - What Are You Watching?

    Watched season 1 of Ragnarok. Norse mythology fantasy drama set in modern day Norway, not bad but a slow builder and they barely got the story started in 6 episodes. Have to wait until next year for more. In English too for netflix which for a whole foreign cast is quite impressive. 7/10.
  7. maxfli65

    Coronavirus - political views - supporting or otherwise...

    So Hancock/Public Health England will need to face a 1st court case over the deaths in care homes fiasco. The Dr lady bringing the case wrt her deceased father was just on sky news and seems pretty switched on. The outcome of this case could be massive for Govt if the High Court finds in her...
  8. maxfli65

    Internet Browser, which do you use and why?

    On my android phone use google chrome, chromebook notebook I use google chrome (obviously). On the old HP laptop I use firefox (thinking it runs with less memory than chrome) as the laptop is on its last legs. Familiarity is good now so not looking to change. Have a general dislike/mistrust of...
  9. maxfli65

    Williamalex1 - friends in high latitudes

    Nice story, haven't noticed any shortage of Tunnocks products up here over lockdown, maybe Scotland was prioritised by Tunnocks for distribution? Is the caramel log the one with the coconut on the outside? If so would agree that is the superior Tunnocks product. Teacakes are not in the same...
  10. maxfli65

    Brexit - The negotiations.

    Just seems to be another Mexican standoff between UK Govt and EU, see who blinks first. By definitively saying the UK will not extend the transition deadline Gove thinks that will force the EU's hand to give us an FTA double quick, meantime EU are still saying UK can extend the deadline even...
  11. maxfli65

    So what are you listening to at the moment?

    Winding the clock back this evening - Jimi Hendrix at the Albert Hall doing 'Room Full of Mirrors' great rendition starting at 50:57 Liquid Soul- the brilliant 'World's on a Leash' - too funky! The scratching and bass lines are both terrific as well as the brass. On searching for Liquid...
  12. maxfli65

    Word Association - take 3

  13. maxfli65

    Xbox One data storage query

    My elder child has managed to get water into his Xbox one and it's fried. We have a replacement now but my query is if I sell the old damaged one for parts, what kind of linked Xbox live credit card info could there be on the hard drive of the console, if any? Unsure what gets stored locally...
  14. maxfli65

    DIY help - laminate floor scratch

    Try getting Rustins grain filler, comes in a little tin and should improve the look of that. There are a few colour options. After you have filled the scratches I find a little linseed or finishing oil rubbed in can help hide the marks.
  15. maxfli65

    Coronavirus - political views - supporting or otherwise...

    4 different approaches within UK, not just 2. With the worst death rate per million in the whole world and the 2nd worst total deaths in the whole world, perhaps looking at different approaches to No.10s is not such a bad thing? Lives could depend on it.
  16. maxfli65

    Coronavirus - political views - supporting or otherwise...

    Now we can sit in parks or on beaches and golf, fish etc. 2 families can meet outside, no more than 8 people. Garden centres can open(ones affiliated to DIY centres already were). Drive through takeaway is good to go. Isn't that about it? Any gradual lockdown lifting is going to be tricky, think...
  17. maxfli65

    car insurance query

    Funnily enough I got a quote off dayinsure this morning, £124 for 30 days cover, pricey for a 1.3l motor but could be an option.
  18. maxfli65

    car insurance query

    Pitiful offer received (wbac) but it is an option.
  19. maxfli65

    So what are you listening to at the moment?

    Stumbled across Rick Beato on youtube, his musical breakdown of songs is excellent, watched Smells Like Teen Spirit taken apart by him the other day and why it works musically, way more complex and layered than you'd think.
  20. maxfli65

    car insurance query

    So my brother has been left a car in the will of a friend of my mums, a decent enough motor maybe worth £8 or £9K. He is not a car person, can drive but has never owned or sold a car as he lives in a flat in Edinburgh with nowhere to keep it. He wants the cash value, not the car. He would like...