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    Comedy moment at the range

    At the range today with the FIL and BIL, hitting the ball reasonably well but losing them to the right a bit. Wind was off the left and we were on the top level, but not convinced that was the main issue. Anyway, 2 lads come in having a pretty loud chat about how well they have been hitting it...
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    Course suggestions Leicester area

    Looking at a weekend away with a small group next summer, any course recomendations for the Leicester area. Not all are keen golfers, so would be better being an easier course.
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    Does anybody work for Ford?

    As per the title, does anyone work for Ford?
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    The police (not the band)

    I’m fairly confident we have some members of the police on here, I have some questions that I’d like to ask over PM. Can anyone who doesn’t mind having their brains picked either PM me or post in here. Thanks
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    Augusta - how much would you pay?

    I’m sure we all have our limits on green fees, which is perfectly fine. I think I read somewhere that the visitors green fee is $40, but how much would you pay if given the opportunity to play Augusta? Comparing it against the well known courses which charge hundreds, is it worth more than those?
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    Who do you know on here?

    As someone who joined the forum just over 4 years ago, I didnt know anybody on here when I joined. I've played all the Old Farts v Whippersnappers meets, a couple of H4H's and met up with a few people locally for a game either at their place or Stoneham when I was a member. So I have met quite a...
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    Double Glazing - recommend anyone?

    We are considering a upgrade on all of the windows in our house, pretty sure the ones in there have been in a very long time. Glazing salesman seem to have a very bad rep, and it seems to be a minefield of who to go to. Anybody have any companies they would recommend, or any to avoid based on...
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    Kobe Bryant - helicopter crash

    Not a big basketball fan myself, but aware of what a talent he was. News coming through that Kobe Bryant has died in a helicopter crash along with everyone else on board.
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    Christmas - Who is cooking what?

    So who is cooking what, and how are you cooking it? 2 meats for me, pork shoulder (my choice) and a Turkey to satisfy the grandparents. Pork is rubbed and ready to be smoked overnight on the BBQ for approx 12 hours. Turkey will be done in the oven early in the morning.
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    Teaching pro in Hampshire?

    Does anyone have any first hand experience of a coach they would recommend in the Southampton area? looking to ramp the golf back up next year so want to get the swing on the right track this winter.
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    Any Everton FC season ticket holders/club members?

    If anyone is an Everton season ticket holder/ club member and could get a ticket or two for the Boxing Day game against Burnley I would be very grateful. My father in law is a fan and would like to go as he hadn’t been to a game in a long time. Is anyone able to help? Thanks in advance.
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    Midweek December - Anyone free in Hampshire

    I have quite a lot of holiday to use up in December so only working 2 days weeks, would like to get out and play some golf if the conditions allow. I am no longer a member at Stoneham (baby = no golf membership this year), so if anyone fancies a game any where in Hampshire area and can host it...
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    Course work at Stoneham

    Thought some of you may be interested to watch the following video, a review of Stoneham over 2017. Lots of work going on to improve the course, and a lot more to come. As I have said previously, anyone wanting to come and have a...
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    Stoneham - 7/8 April

    Following interest shown in the Stoneham thread in the lounge I can host some games in the Spring. Initially looking at the weekend of 7/8 April and hosting 3 to make a 4 ball though if more people are interested then we can look at it. We have done a lot of work to the course recently, so for...
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    Where to draw the line with DIY?

    I moved into a new house a few months ago and have recently started a renovation. We are doing everything except the down stairs bathroom as that was done recently. So my question is, where do people draw the line with DIY. We are having the following done: Full re wire New combi boiler multi...
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    Vice gloves back in stock

    I know some people use the vice pure glove which has been out of stock for a while. It looks like they are now back in stock.
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    Anyone around tomorrow

    Anyone free for a game tomorrow? Can travel 1.5 hours from Southampton
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    putting a combi boiler in?

    We are in the process of redecorating our house and looking at the option of putting a new combi boiler in (currently have an older conventional boiler). Trying to weigh up the pro's and if there is anyone that has good knowledge of this it would be great to hear opinions and advice...
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    18th or 20th September

    Is anyone able to host on either of these 2 dates, anywhere within an hourish of Southampton.
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    Wedding Speeches

    So I get married on Saturday and the final thing left on my to do list is write my speech. From looking into it and previous weddings Ive been to I see that I just need to thank everyone for coming, tell the bride and bridesmaids they look amazing and thank those who have helped make the day...