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  1. Sats


    Any fish keepers on here? I'm thinking of doing a planted tank (after many years of having a rift cichlid tanks) and putting Dwarf Gourarmi and wondered about tank mates - was thinking about a school of neon tetras, which aren't really an issue but I was going to have cherry shrimp but not sure...
  2. Sats

    Digital Scorecard

    With the current COVID crisis changing the rules and regs of golf I pondered about handicaps and scorecards, since golf is back on the menu I've been using an app (Tag Golf) which has a facility to share a scorecard. Moving forward could this be the new method of keeping our scores without the...
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    How much are the bloody things! There's no RRP?
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    Artificial grass installation

    As most of my household suffers from hay-fever the wife and I have looked into revamping our garden. The previous owners paved the back garden and put bushes and small trees lining it. Honestly looks awful (uneven slabs and the bushes need upkeep - weary) and is terrible for the kids. I hate...
  5. Sats

    Spiced Rum

    Feeling very lucky, as a friend at work has arranged a free game at Woburn on the Marquees course for 3 of my chums and I. He hasn't asked for anything in return but feel it is the right thing to do to say thank you. He's a spiced rum drinker and aside from captain morgan/kraken etc we have no...
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    Lofted up and not sure if I want to loft down again

    During the rare moments this winter when the course doesn't resemble a the lake district I have cranked my loft up to 12 degrees, and to tell you the truth I've been hitting absolute bombs (baby draws) with it clocking up to around 270 yards. But with the hopefully good weather coming I'm not...
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    Condenser tumble dryer

    My Zanussi Tumble dryer is broken, well I think it is. The drum and heater are working but every time I put a load on it'll go for 6 mins or so then will flash to say the water tank is full, yet when I go to empty it the tank is empty! Any help before I have to fork out for an engineer is welcome.
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    Golf Alchemy/ custom club repair

    Has anyone used golf alchemy or any other custom club repair service. I'd like to know what your experience is with them - was it worth it, how much etc.
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    Has anyone been? I have been lucky and managed to get a free round there - for those who have been do you have any helpful tips etc - get there early for the best parking/ take a blazer for the clubhouse, don't wear trainer socks etc.
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    After the Courses near the channel tunnel thread and the mention of meeting up I thought I'd create the topic for a four course meet up. I know I get reciprocal rates for Ashford and Canterbury - not sure about Sittingbourne I'll have to check. Worst case I'm sure we can get guest rates. Thoughts?
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    What clubs have great food

    Just got back from a golf trip in the UK and the golf was good and the course in great shape. Couldn't say that about the food - terrible breakfast it was like a little chef disaster and the dinner was like a ready meal. I'm not expecting Gordon Ramsay, but some good honest food. Has anyone got...
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    Does anyone salary sacrifice for their car?

    Looking at getting a new motor through work and there's a salary sacrifice scheme - does anyone else's work do this or are you already doing it? Are there any pitfalls? Is it worth it?
  13. Sats

    Royal Ashdown

    Never played this course, but the society at work are suggesting it for our end of year meet in December. Has anyone played it during winter? I know during winter no course is at it's prime, but some hold up better than others (Kings Hill is a prime example of being good during winter.)
  14. Sats

    Mike H and Cobra YouTube

    Last night I watched Mike H getting fitted for a full set of Cobras (Lovely btw) and noted that he uses utility irons over hybrids (In fact none.) Must admit I assumed, which I know I shouldn't, that mike would be a hybrid player. Shame numbers weren't posted for the utilities nor if he...
  15. Sats

    Golf Trophy - awful

    I am the only one who thinks that the trophies in golf are just awful. Who decides on the deigns? Tigers Masters 'lego' house trophy was just ewwww.
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    Handicap Certificate - other clubs requesting to see it?

    Just found out that I can get a concessionary rate for sunningdale £85 old, £65 new. One snag, one of my mates doesn't have an official handicap (He plays off 16 in our work society) - when I rang up Sunningdale they simply said it would be fine as long as my friend wasn't a beginner. I'm in...
  17. Sats

    Slow play?

    I played with a good friend of mine today and was behind a four ball - Again not really in a rush but we were waiting a good 5-7 mins on the tee from the 4th on-wards. However, when we got to the 10th we were waiting for 5-7 mins then one of the group made a 180 yard or so walk of shame back to...
  18. Sats

    Rory's Powerwork out

    Trying an experiment regarding clubhead speed etc. So I'm going on a 12 week plan that Rory does (it's on Nike Training Club App) I'm going to see if I get any gains; I recently got fitted for a new driver and recorded an average swing speed of 108mph. Plan is to eat 2500 calories per day (I...
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    Edel Golf

    Has anyone got an Edel putter or wedge? I'm very intrigued by them and want to try them out.
  20. Sats

    The Essex - Good, Bad, ugly?

    Anyone played the essex golf and country club? Never been, but it looks good on the website (what course doesn't!) just wanted some honest feedback. If it helps I'm planning on going in July.