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  1. Sats

    Playing without a glove...

    Always worn a glove, until the other weekend as I left mine at home, couldn't be bothered to buy an new one so went out without one. Right hand was fine, left was a little sore after 18 holes. Not going to bother to get used to callouses so will go back to wearing one.
  2. Sats

    Leicester Lockdown ?

    Will the golf clubs be open?
  3. Sats

    Shorter Long Irons ???

    With that amount of distance I'd guess you can generate enough speed to use long irons, I think it'll be a technical issue - I'd go and see a pro.
  4. Sats

    Shorter Long Irons ???

    I'm short, but it turns out I only needed .25" off my irons. I use standard length with my woods. I agree that it could be a technical issue rather than the club. Also is the 175 with the 7iron a one off or is it your average carry?
  5. Sats

    Retrieving Ball Safely without touching the flagstick

    At the moment I'm doing my bit by not putting the ball in the hole but either to the left, right, past it or not quite up to it!!!! Seriously we have foam inserts and we physically pick the ball up, not sure how that is much different. I'd preferred the lift up device thingy.
  6. Sats

    Sex Discrimination

    Weary, if it's hot let people wear shorts.
  7. Sats

    Titleist Scotty Cameron fitting

    I had a SAM lab fitting with my bettinardi and it was a really good experience it's just like GC QUAD for putters.
  8. Sats

    Blm-Renaming the masters

    Because someone with nothing better to do than be offended by will find the term 'National' offensive somehow.
  9. Sats

    My first Handicap

    On the plus note, you've got something to work with and given you're shocked it's 19 then at least you'll not get too despondent if it does go into the 20's!
  10. Sats

    A good walk spoiled?*

    I don't see it as a workout, but supplementary exercise.
  11. Sats

    help me find my gaps!

    50º wedge all day long for your gap. I'd also take a look at the difference between your PW and 9 though, for me 20 yards is too much of a gap unless you're good at manipulating shots and can hit your 9 less.
  12. Sats

    Iron improvements?

    Companies have had to strengthen the lofts due to moving weight in the heads in order to promote forgiveness and high MOI , although I do suspect the claims of more distance are an added benefit. Honestly - I'd save your money until you can get fitted, and your irons will do nicely for now...
  13. Sats

    Game is in pieces

    Struggling with my short game at the moment, I'm striking well but I have zero distance control. Got a lesson booked and practicing as much as I can.
  14. Sats

    3 Wood advice

    If you're going right with your driver and left with your fairway, I'd be looking at delivery rather than the shaft - I only say this as I found this out during my recent fitting. I suffer from the lefts with everything bar driver - what it was I was delivering the driver face open at impact...
  15. Sats I supposed to take one?

    I used to really worry about the lack of divots I took, I now worry more about what the end result is.
  16. Sats

    Desperate for Comps?

    Nice and steady at our place, swindles and roll ups occurring, knockouts and medals planned.
  17. Sats

    I've only got 13 clubs in my bag

    gap test, that'll show you were you could add another club.
  18. Sats

    Distractions on the golf course, new technology etc...

    I use a scorecard and pencil normally, use my apple watch with Hole 19 for course blah, and my laser for quick distances. Doesn't distract as I have my phone either on silent or in the car as my apple watch will pick up any emergency calls/texts.
  19. Sats

    American Golf offer for NHS and Emergency Services Staff

    I believe you have to do it in store - and show either your pass/warrant card or your blue light card (If you have one - and if you don't do it! £5 to sign up and there's a lot of companies that endorse it!)
  20. Sats

    American Golf offer for NHS and Emergency Services Staff

    Whoop whoop I'll be harassing that offer!!!!!! #HERO