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    Thought on new Garmin watch

    Looks lovely but very pricey. Looks like it does a hell of alot though.
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    Golf Epiphany.

    Got told by a friend to try flattening the wrist during my swing instead of cupping and my word what a difference. Felt weird at first but my shots are flying much further and even drawing now. I'm sure I'll develop another fault now but shot my lowest score of 86 today. Well chuffed and for...
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    Open Club face on impact.

    Can anyone help me with this. I don't swing over the top anymore but still have club face open on impact and would like some drills to stop please!!
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    Umbrella holder

    Can anyone recommend a really good universal umbrella holder for me please. The one I bought was like 10 quid and can barely hold weight of umbrella even with no wind. Thanks
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    Fitting in Norwich / Norfolk

    Does anyone know where I can get a really good fitting in Norfolk. Im left handed if that makes any difference. Would happily pay for fitting and buy what I like online in my own time rather than be pushed to buy. Any advice appreciated as Ive never been fitted for clubs before. Rob