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    Putting and short game lessons in the quest to achieve a handicap of 18

    Long post coming up, but may be interest to some of you in respect of the lessons I have been taking. I joined a club in the summer of 2015 having only played the odd round or two with friends in the past. Obtained an initial handicap of 26 and at the end of each year since have managed to...
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    Angle of attack for driver / fairway woods

    The Ping mobile fitting truck was at our club today and I went along to try out a fairway wood as I am not very consistent with what I've got. After just two hits with my existing three wood the fitter said that my angle of attack was 5 degrees negative (ie too steep) and that what was likely...
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    Set up of your course

    I play of what I believe to be a good tree-lined parkland course, 6360 yards off of the competition tees. Its not long, but not particularly short either and there is a stream that runs across eight of the holes which needs to be taken into account on a number of shots. Its always been in...
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    Retford GC - 29th June (day before Forest Pines)

    I have booked a four ball at Retford for 2.30pm on Saturday 29th June, which is using a voucher I won on a H4H auction last year. I am heading there on my way up to Forest Pines (its less than an hour from there). Currently, there is only me and so there are three spaces available for anyone...
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    First eagle

    Have never really thought about getting an eagle as I always have at least 80-100 yards left on the third shot for our par fives. Playing on my own this afternoon hit a 110 yard approach into our par 4 14th, looked on a good line, but didn't see it pitch. However, the four guys on the next tee...
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    Fixing a problem

    I started this season well, scoring 36, 35 & 30 points in the first three comps and then getting a two shot cut to 23 with 41 points in the next one. Was really pleased with my game and felt at last I was looking at potentially getting down to say 20, with an ultimate goal of 18. Out of...
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    Ping G700 Fitting

    I as lucky enough to be one of the two chosen for the opportunity to be fitted for the new G700 irons in the game improvement category. Headed off to Gainsborugh this morning to the Ping Fitting Centre at Gainsborough Golf Club in Lincolnshire. Fair play to Jake and Chris from Golf Monthly who...
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    Match Play

    Apart from a couple of visits to Forest Pines for the Old Farts v Whippersnappers meet, I have never played in a match play competition. I am playing in my club's knock out match play cup for the first time this season, with my first round match arranged for this Friday. Are there any tips on...
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    Words fail me

    As some of you may know I had a share in a racehorse, Dream Alliance, who was bred on an allotment in the Welsh valleys by Jan (a cleaner at Asda) and her husband Brian. The horse exceeded all expectations and won Wales' biggest race the Welsh Grand National in 2009. The story was the subject...
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    Broke 90

    After getting my first handicap of 26 two years ago I have struggled to play to it and was beginning to get a bit frustrated. However, in the last eight days it all appears to have clicked and I am beginning to feel like a 'proper' golfer. Started with a society event last week where I...
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    Iron shafts - Steel or Graphite?

    This may well have been discussed before, but has anyone got opinions based on practical experience? My thoughts are the lighter graphite shafts may provide more swing speed, but at the loss of control during the swing. With my ball striking too inconsistent at the moment, I feel that the...
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    First lesson

    I had been thinking about whether to have some lessons, but was worried that I would be told to change my grip, or something else fundamental and would struggle to change. The decision was made for me as my wife booked me a couple of lessons for my birthday last week. All I can say to anyone...
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    Weekend afternoons

    When I joined my first club in June, I thought that it was going to busy at the weekends, which apart from the odd evening is the only time I can play. I was very surprised to find that teeing off between 3 and 4pm in the afternoons there were few other people around, rarely had to wait on the...