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  1. xreyuk

    Accidentally playing from GUR.

    Playing a social round today and one of our guys did this. On a par 5 Drove into, no Accidentally played from GUR, hit into the trees, went to play a provisional and realised it was GUR. Dropped the provisional outside the GUR and played from there and never found original ball. Took two more...
  2. xreyuk

    Putter fitting in the North West.

    Hi All, I’m looking for a putter fitting in the North West, ideally with SAM lab and a selection of brands available. I’ve looked at Formby Hall and TourX but they only seem to offer Odyssey fittings. Out of what I can find, The Putting Lab in Manchester seems okay. Has anyone been there...
  3. xreyuk

    Proquip Waterproof reviews?

    Hi All, In the market for a set of waterproofs for christmas. GG is far too expensive (cheapest one I can find is about £350, where I can get the Proquip PX5 for £200) I'm interested in the PX5 or PX6 suit as they come with lifetime waterproof guarantees, where as the other suits only come...
  4. xreyuk

    Ping Vault 2.0 Dale Anser - Brand New, Unused w Headcover

    Ping Vault 2.0 Dale Answer brand new, unused with Ping PP60 grip. Contains the weights marked with +, which indicates 15g heavier than standard weight. 34 inches. £160 + postage (which I expect to be around £10).
  5. xreyuk

    Can you submit a supplementary scorecard whilst playing a team event?

    Hi, I’m due to play in a 4BBB competition this Saturday. As long as I don’t hold up play, and I finish every hole, am I allowed to submit an individual supplementary scorecard?
  6. xreyuk

    Winter Rules - Anyone on them?

    We've had the email saying we're on winter rules starting tomorrow. Seemed a touch early to me, but I suggest the hot weather in the summer, followed by the dumping of rain, they've introduced them early to allow some areas of the course to recover (some mats). Anyone else on winter rules, and...
  7. xreyuk

    Just got my first electric trolley - where is safe to store it?

    Got my first electric trolley, I’ll always bring the batteries inside but wondered if I’d have any problems keeping the trolley in the boot of my car? The instructions say don’t store outside but I don’t know if a car boot is suitable? Also got recommendations on cleaning? Can I use...
  8. xreyuk

    No secure HTTP.

    The old forums used secure HTTP, where as the new one doesn’t seem to. Is this intentional?
  9. xreyuk

    Where to donate an old club.

    I have a Cleveland CG10 lob wedge that is perfectly usable. Does anyone know where I can donate this? I found a thread on here years ago saying AG donated them to worthy causes, do they still do that?
  10. xreyuk

    FS: Vice Pure Golf Glove - Right Hand.

    Got hold of 3 Vice golf gloves recently as a gift, but the person who bought them accidentally bought me gloves for the right hand instead of the left hand. So, if any of you lefty's out there need any gloves I have some spare. I'm selling for £12.50 per individual glove, or if you want all 3...
  11. xreyuk

    Alternatives to impact tape

    Anyone recommend any alternatives to impact tape for checking strike location on irons? I’ve heard foot spray and dry shampoo are good options?
  12. xreyuk

    Cold weather and how it affects the golf ball.

    Dan Whittaker’s latest video here aimed to test how temperature affects golf ball distance. Basically got his numbers with trackman set up indoor mode (which is 21c) then went outside in 6c temperatures hitting into a slight wind of 3mph, and lost between 20-30...
  13. xreyuk

    Odyssey o-works #1 vs #1w

    Hi all, Given my recent post about putter grips, I’ve actually been offered an o-works #1W at a decent price. I’d been looking for an excuse to get a new putter so I guess I’ve got one now 😂 My current putter is the same style as the #1 so I was wondering, other than the head size...
  14. xreyuk

    Can anybody recommend a putter grip?

    Looking at getting my putter regripped, bought it off eBay with a large Wynn grip on it and it’s a bit too thick for my liking. I’ve looked at either the Golf Pride Tour Snsr or the SuperStroke CounterCore Mid Slim or Slim. I like the idea of being able to add or change weights but I’ve...
  15. xreyuk

    FS Taylormade M1 440 Head + Headcover + Tool

    Hi All, Have a Taylormade M1 440 head for sale, thought I'd throw it on here before eBay. Comes with original tool and headcover. Still in great condition, I'd say 8.5 or 9 out of 10. Looking for £165 plus P&P on top. Link to Album:
  16. xreyuk

    Membership around Southport - Costs.

    Hi All, I've been looking at joining a club in the Southport area, and have recently applied to S&A but have been told they have no 7 day membership available. I've asked about 5/6 day membership and am awaiting a repsonse. In the meantime I wondered if anyone had any idea of costs for other...
  17. xreyuk

    Stabilising the left knee.

    Recently I had a lesson with my coach, and I was asked to work on stabilising the left knee, stop lateral movement and also keep the hip rotation. My left knee has a tendency to collapse inwards completely. I’ve been doing it but have a couple of questions. For reference, I am right handed...
  18. xreyuk

    Where to look this black friday for deals?

    I'm after some clothing items, wondered if anyone could recommend any sites to be checking out for Black Friday this year?
  19. xreyuk

    Where should my weight be during my setup, then through the swing?

    After reading a few articles, they seem to suggest that weight at setup should be 55-60% on the lead foot (left foot in my case as a right hander) on the ball of the foot, or slightly towards the toes. During the backswing, weight should transfer on the trail foot, to about 70-80% and be...
  20. xreyuk

    Vokey S or F Grind vs Cleveland RTX3 V-MG grind.

    I have the option of 1 of the three wedges below, in very good used condition for decent prices for all of them. I have no way of trying them out on grass, as none of the places that stock it near to me allow you to hit off grass (not uncommon in the UK). I play a mixture of Links and Parkland...