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  1. Doh

    National days of mourning

    My heart goes out to the people affected by the fires in Portugal, they have just declared 3 days of national mourning. Many country's do this after disasters but we in the UK don't as a rule. Why do you think this is.
  2. Doh

    Coat hanger rakes.

    So we have had some bunkers done with the new concrete lining and we have been left with what I can only describe as racks with what looks like coat hangers on the end. No teeth just smooth metal I have not had chance to speak to our green keeper about this as to why. The only reason I can...
  3. Doh

    Repairing pitch mark whilst off the green.

    Playing yesterday a FC played up to our third hole hit the green and ended up on the fringe, Being the nice person I am as I walked past his pitch mark I stopped and repaired it. "I can't do that" he said, "do what" I said. I was told that if you make a pitch mark on the green and your ball ends...
  4. Doh

    I am off

    To the USA to play some golf so on the 08.09.16 four of us depart from Manchester Airport flying Virgin direct to Vegas. From there we are driving to Scottsdale staying in some rubbish Hotel and we will be playing the following courses. 09.09.16 Troon North Monument course. 10.09.16 Grayhawk...
  5. Doh

    What is the point...

    Of putting the final group in the Open on the clock, this is drama this is entertainment it sells golf R&A have a word with yourself.
  6. Doh

    lefty and the FBI

    Lefty is being investigated by the FBI for insider trading. Don't know the details yet but watch this space. Sorry this is in the wrong sub forum, can a mod move it please.
  7. Doh

    Golf Monthly Survey

    Is anyone else getting this survey pop up. I have done this at least three times but still get it. Once you do the survey it offers you a free gift but asks you to pay the postage by card then if you read the small print you have to continue to pay a monthly fee to use you free gift?. If you...
  8. Doh

    Mud ?

    As with a lot of our courses ours still has winter rules in place due to the amount of rain we have had, so it's placing on closely mown and lift clean and drop in the rough. Now that's fine but there are still areas in the rough where it's nothing but mud. Can the wise ones here tell me if Mud...
  9. Doh


    Has anyone got any idea of why my Backspace bar will not work on this forum. I have tried it on other sites and it works just not on here.
  10. Doh

    What Is the penalty, machplay.

    Played winter league match today BB match play all square on the fifteenth short par 4. One of their players goes for the green over a lateral water hazard the ball ends up on the bank at the far end of the Hazard everyone else is fine no issues. There is placing through the green in place, the...
  11. Doh


    Here are my notes on Conwy, I was looking for a course planner I had but remembered I gave it to someone. Please note this is how I saw the course others my disagree 1 Straight drive about 240yrds will carry the bunkers and leave you with a shortish iron to the green but its all carry. There...
  12. Doh


    Do any of you Guys and Gals use this booking system at your clubs and if so what do you think. We are just about to start using it at ours
  13. Doh

    Form at last

    I dont talk about myself very much because there isn't much to talk about? However some of you will know that I had a Heart Attack about eighteen months ago and had open heart surgery(quadruple By-pass) its taken me much longer to get over than i first thought. Subsequently had lots of...
  14. Doh

    County Champion

    Not me of course but one of my ex -Juniors and currant scratch team member has just become the Cheshire County stroke play champion. I have known him since he was eleven and smaller than me? always was and still is a cheeky devil with a smile on his face,Mischievous was his nick name he got up...
  15. Doh

    Honest Golfers, I hope so?

    I played in a comp at my club on the 21.05.11 we were off early as usual 8.30pm. Got to the eightenth and noticed my SC 2.5 was not in it's usual place on the front of my bag.I remember using it last on the 16th. There was a bit of a delay so one of our group who was on a buggy nipped back to...
  16. Doh


    Hi Graham I have tried to PM you a couple of times is everything ok. Please dont feel you have to reply. Good Luck. Rick.
  17. Doh

    Golf Pride Wrap 2G

    Has anyone tried these yet. I went into AG yesterday and asked if the grips they had in were the lastest and was told "yes they are" was not conviced so came back to check and I was right. But i was told by the guy not to use this for winter golf as they dont perform in the rain?
  18. Doh

    I'm Back

    Hi Guys Thanks for all your good wish's and kind thoughts sent to me whilst i've not been to good. I ended up having a quadruple by-pass it's about fifteen weeks ago now so i have played some golf but have lost a lot of upperbody strength but i am working on getting that back. Not...
  19. Doh

    Callaway Survey

    Has anyone done the Survay I got mine yesterday. Now forgive me if i'm wrong here but it seems to me that it's weighted in such a way that you have to give positive answers. Or i am i being naive and it was always going to be like that anyway???
  20. Doh

    Matchplay Result

    Played the second round of our club matchplay last night.First hole 365yrds par four three wood centre of the fairway eight iron to the green Shanked the bugger into a hazzard never to be seen again all i could do was laugh my head off no point getting upset about it. Anyway I conceded the hole...