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  1. AmandaJR

    Coronavirus - political views - supporting or otherwise...

    Post here and leave the other thread to be "how is it affecting you". It used to be my go to thread each day as it was informative and potentially a place for those having a bad day to say "I'm struggling today". Now it's the brexit thread by another name. So feel free to discuss PPE and...
  2. AmandaJR

    Another weekend of no sport - commentator's nightmare...this is funny!

    Brightened my morning!
  3. AmandaJR

    BBC2 Tonight...

    Talk about making a person feel inadequate! Mastermind - not so bad and get a fair few of the general knowledge. University Challenge - happy if I get more than half a dozen right and most of the questions require questions! Sandwiched in between is Only Connect...
  4. AmandaJR

    Gambling doesn't pay?

    Then again... £323 million....wowza!
  5. AmandaJR

    Mixed 4BBB - Shots/Tees/SI

    Confusion as ever when playing a mixed competition yesterday. 4BBB Stableford. Any combination of mixed teams. Men off Yellows and Ladies off Reds. Yellows - Par 72, SSS 72 Reds - Par 75, SSS 75 I've read this on England Golf and put the parameters into their guidelines and think it means...
  6. AmandaJR

    Ten Finger Grip

    Anyone use this and pros and cons (Bob Mc??). I interlock but have a (arthritic!) right pinky with a dodgy knuckle which gets pretty sore. Lately I've noticed the pressure on my right ring finger (outer top knuckle) and left forefinger knuckle is also sore from time to time. I've been...
  7. AmandaJR

    Flag In or Out - interesting article. I've been leaving it in for longer putts but don't like it in for shorter ones (makes the hole look smaller to me)...
  8. AmandaJR

    Temporary Out of Bounds?

    We have been having some trees removed and today the 2nd hole has a temporary out of bounds line down the right hand side. It makes the hole much tighter and usually the ball lands in the tree line and can be hacked out. Can qualifiers be played under these conditions? There is a sign on the tee...
  9. AmandaJR

    A really good read (despite it being a Blog!)

    Ok so I have a vested interest as Meghan, her sister and parents are all members at Wellingborough where I play. This particular article is a really good read though...very eloquently describing how tough it is to make it as a golf professional...
  10. AmandaJR

    Custom Lab Golf Hitchin/Ramsey

    Anyone used them for a custom fit? Any reviews? In the market for some new irons...
  11. AmandaJR

    Sports Direct Flash Golf Sale...

    Lots of bargains :-)
  12. AmandaJR

    Lost Card!

    I marked a card for a member last week (Supplementary) and she put it in the correct box in the clubhouse. It appears to have gone astray! There was a big competition the next day so I assume it's amongst those cards somewhere and the office are checking. What if it isn't found? This was her...
  13. AmandaJR

    CSS - again!

    I'm sure it must be right - the computer says so (!) but in a field of 18 players only 1 hits buffer and CSS is SSS+2... Does that sound right??
  14. AmandaJR

    Bunkers GUR, Shortened Course, Supplementary Cards!

    So on 18th September our long awaited bunker project starts - every bunker on the course being rebuilt. During that time holes will be on temporary greens to protect the greenstaff and when the green is complete the bunkers will be marked as GUR. As yet the impact on the course each day us an...
  15. AmandaJR

    Callaway HEX Black Tour Balls (9) New

    Free to a good home. Originally given to me my Golf Monthly and just not the ball for me. Been sorting out balls (ooer) and found this box so hopefully someone out there uses them. I must have tried and lost 3 as only 9 in the box! I'll cover postage and send to the first person to reply here.
  16. AmandaJR

    Playing in two comps - one card submitted for both...

    Two strokeplay events on the same day, same tees, and a player pays an entry fee for both, and submits one card for both comps. Allowable? Thanks
  17. AmandaJR

    Range Session - in the next bay was...

    Charley Hull :) Made me focus a teeny bit harder for a while at least!
  18. AmandaJR

    Course Maintenance = Shorter Course = Non Qualifier or Reduced SSS?

    Currently some work on our course dredging ponds and, to protect the workers, our 3rd hole is currently 150yds short to a temporary green with regulation size hole. Am I right in thinking a medal can be a qualifier but the SSS needs to be reduced by one? Thanks.
  19. AmandaJR

    Curtis Cup

    Starts tomorrow though you'd never know by the lack of coverage. Can't believe Sky has a paltry 30 minutes of highlights scheduled each day :angry: I do have a particular interest this year as Meghan MacLaren from my new club is playing - lots of supporters from Wellingborough making the trip...
  20. AmandaJR

    Water Hazard Stakes - Ok to move?

    Scenario from yesterday and just want to be 100% sure of the correct rule for future reference. One person had a differing view to everyone else but would not accept the answer until a call was made to the R&A! Ball in hazard but playable. Yellow Hazard stakes deemed as movable obstructions -...